Sandy Alderson Backs Terry Collins’ All-In Strategy

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Sandy Alderson, the Mets GM and creator of the term “Panic Citi,” agreed with how Terry Collins managed Wedensday’s 2-1 win over the Miami Marlins. Collins who previously stated he was “managing like it was the seventh game of the World Series,” made some interesting moves in the Mets third win of the season.

Jim Henderson was called upon to pitch a day after he had thrown 34 pitches the previous day. Being recently removed from shoulder surger, this seemed a questionable move. Henderson could not deliver an out and looked gassed from the previous day. His fastball hovered in the low 90’s and high 80’s, when normally he hits the 95-to-96 MPH range.

“I think it was a big game given that we were leading late in the game and we hadn’t been in that position in four or five days,” Alderson said by phone. “So in that sense I think it was an important game, but I don’t expect this to be duplicated down the road.” (NY Post)

Most notable, Jeurys Familia, the Mets big time closer was brought in for a five-out save. He pitched in three of the previous four games. Collins wanted to make sure though that the door would be closed on the losing streak, and he felt Familia could handle the job.

“I do think [Wednesday] was an important game,” Alderson said. “Terry felt most comfortable going with Familia. As he stated in the press conference, he doesn’t expect that to happen [in the eighth inning] frequently.”

The bullpen had been taxed between the short start of Steven Matz, and the move of reliever, Logan Verrett to start the game due to Jacob deGrom‘s lat issue. Addison Reed was said to be unavailable after throwing in three consecutive games. Antonio Bastardo, who threw 39 pitches on Monday did seem to be available, but Collins wanted to avoid using him due to his workload. Rafael Montero had just arrived to the team, but Collins wanted to keep him for extra innings if it was needed.

“There were a lot of different considerations there to start the seventh and probably not a lot of great options, so I wouldn’t expect that typically somebody like Henderson would be used that way back-to-back,” Alderson said. “But that was the situation Terry faced. It was a close game and it was one that he wanted to win and we hadn’t been in a position to win a game with a lead late since deGrom pitched since the 7-2 game on Friday.”

Having yesterday off was a much needed respite for the bullpen and this team to refresh a bit. A rough first week for the defending National League Champions. Hopefully as more games begin to be played, the routine that is needed for these players to be successful comes.

“We need to get into the season, get into a routine and not a routine of getting three or four hits a night and putting the kind of pressure we have put on the starting pitching and the bullpen that we have the first week. But that will come around,” Alderson said.

For now Alderson agrees with the way Terry handled that game. Hopefully we do not have to see too many other scenarios this season such as Wednesday where he has to manage a game like it’s the seventh game of the World Series. Of course until it is the seventh game of the World Series. 🙂

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