Our goal at MMO is to raise the level of discourse in the comment threads by eliminating inappropriate language and insults, while encouraging a lively and healthy discussion about the New York Mets or baseball in general.

What we hope to reduce is some of the unnecessary and annoying banter between some users that most readers consider a complete eyesore. These constant squabbles ruins the threads and takes away from the overall enjoyment that the great majority of our readership deserves.  

Please follow these simple guidelines:

1. You are all welcome to leave comments and join in or start a debate on anything we post on this site. We offer three options for your convenience, use your Facebook or Twitter account, or register with Disqus.

2. At MMO we have always allowed and encouraged our readers to share any links to posts and articles from other Mets blogs or baseball sites. Images can also be dropped into the threads, but nothing profane or vulgar.

3. You are free to debate and post an opposing point of view in any manner you see fit as long as you do it without attacking or insulting another reader or writer. You’re free to criticize ideas and opinions, but do so without attacking each other.

To be very clear, personal insults and attacks are an automatic banning offense. 

4. Please be respectful. We have fun here disagreeing with each other, but we do it with respect and civility. Hate speech against any individuals or groups will never be tolerated. Don’t group people. No politics* or religion.

Racist, Sexist and Homophobic comments are an automatic banning offense.

5. Utilize the Block Option for readers who simply annoy you or get under your skin. People are allowed to be negative or pessimistic, but if that bothers you then block them. Don’t take a chance that you will angrily respond and risk getting yourself banned.

No Politics allowed in comment threads unless a Mets storyline delves into politics. And in those rare instances remain civil at all times. 

6. Under no circumstances is anyone allowed to mock or imitate the Disqus name of another user.

7. Asking for, soliciting or posting another user’s personal information including age, sex, contact info or social media is Expressly Prohibited. This is an immediate and permanent banning offense.

Types & Lengths of Bans

Bans differ depending on the nature and gravity of the offense. Typically your first ban will be a week long, a second offense could be 2-4 weeks, and a third offense is six months or in some cases a year.

We believe in second and third chances, but not for threats of violence, and extreme racist, sexist or homophobic remarks. Bans that fall under this category are six months or more and even permanent in some cases.

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Updated January 3, 2019