Utley Will Not Serve Any Suspension For Take-Out Slide Against Tejada

MLB: NLDS-New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers

According to reporter Bill Shaikin of the LA Times, Dodgers second baseman Chase Utley will not serve any suspension for his vicious take-out slide against the Mets’ Ruben Tejada during the NLDS.

The slide resulted in a fractured leg for Tejada who spent nearly two months in a cast. Utley was suspended and immediately appealed the decision which was expected to be heard and announced in the coming days.

The rationale for the non-suspension, writes Shaikin,  is that such a slide was not explicitly outlawed until Feb. 25, when MLB adopted a new rule for sliding into second base, destined to be known as the Utley Rule.”

Utley declined to comment before the Dodgers’ workout Sunday in Phoenix. MMO is at Mets camp today and we are waiting to get a reaction from Tejada and the Mets.


When Sandy Alderson was asked to comment he said he was “glad the sliding rule has been changed.”

Then he joked:  “As long as they’re dropping penalties, they might as well drop his,” referring to the two-game suspension handed to Hansel Robles.

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