Good Riddance Jordany

While everybody in the sports world is focused on Alex Rodriguez today, the Mets universe just imploded with news that not one but TWO New York Mets will be suspended by MLB for 50 games.

Look, we all knew that Cesar Puello was involved. It was just a matter of time, and I still contend to this day that since the Mets knew that he was involved they didn’t feel rushed to promote Puello. With Puello, it is what it is.

But what’s this? Jordany Valdespin, suspended for 50 games? Say it ain’t so. The most polarizing bench player in all of baseball, using…PED’s? I guess you could say that Jordany Had A Bad Day?

You know, I am sick and tired of hearing Valdespin’s name even associated with the New York Mets. I’m all for giving a guy a second chance – I’ll give Byrd a second chance, I’ll give Puello a second chance, heck I even gave Ryan Braun a second chance. Valdespin has had more chances than any .219 career hitter deserves.

From the day he posed wearing a Miami Marlins caps, I was done with him. (Hey now we know where he got that hat right?)jordany valdespin

He is the poster child for everything that is wrong with professional athletes today. He’s a young, arrogant player with minimal talent who thinks he deserves it all.

With regards to PED’s, I do not believe they will ever leave the game until the players themselves police it. Peer acceptance is critical for athletes. It’s up to the leaders in the clubhouse to show these players that their involvement with PED’s is unacceptable. Perhaps the Mets found out about Valdespin sooner than we think, which could explain some recent happenings? If that is the case, then bravo to the Mets.

I hope this is the last I ever hear of Jordany Valdespin in a Mets uniform. He’s a subpar player who apparently needs PED’s just to achieve that label. He has been nothing but trouble for this franchise, and today was the final nail in the coffin.

He’s brought nothing but problems to this franchise, and created such a divide among players and even fans. I’m tired of the countless excuses in favor of Jordany, and conspiracy theories surrounding how the Mets treat him.

I hope the Mets respond by cutting Valdespin, and forcing him to go find another team with his shiny MLB resume. Be sure to use the whole “I never got a chance,” story – GM’s will love that.

Following the Pirates/Plunking incident Valdespin tweeted (in translation) “They criticize me to lower my self-esteem but I’m going straight to the top. I was not born to lose.”

Valdespin you’re right, you weren’t born to lose – you became a loser with years of practice. Good riddance.

Author Note: In January of 2013, I wrote about the Biogenesis scandal here at MMO. The original list that was first reported included Nelson Cruz, Bartolo Colon, Melky Cabrera, Yasmani Grandal, Gio Gonzalez and Alex Rodriguez.

When this new broke, I honestly was only surprised about one name – Gio Gonzalez. I didn’t accuse Gonzalez of anything, I responded to the report and while I still believe Gonzalez used poor judgment, MLB has cleared him which means I owe Gonzalez an apology, so I was wrong and am sorry (now Gio can sleep at night I am sure).

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