The Day Everything Changed In Flushing

July 28, 2011 – The Mets trade OF Carlos Beltran and cash to the Giants for RHP Zack Wheeler.

Beltran certainly did his part (.323/.369/.551) in San Fran, and he wound up signing a bargain contract with the Cardinals. This year, he’s been one of the NL’s most productive hitters. Although the Giants missed the postseason, it was no fault of Beltran’s. The Mets, though, landed a potential gem in Wheeler. Wheeler, who touches triple digits with his fastball and boasts a hammer curve, has thrived at Double-A Binghamton this season despite being generally younger than his peer group. If he rounds out his repertoire, then he’ll be a potential frontline ace.

Dayn Perry, CBS Sports

Whenever we do get to the promised land, and we will, we’ll look back at that day as the turning point where one era ended and another began.