Mets Web-Dings: Ike Davis Is Ready To Make His Mark

Here is part of a great post by Michael Friere of Macks Mets who weighs in on Ike Davis:

The Mets drafted Ike with the 18th overall pick, in the first round of the 2008 Major League Baseball draft out of Arizona State University. Advance billing on Ike was that he was a solid hitter, with decent amount of power and an excellent glove. Plus, Ike was left handed, which is considered advantageous for a first baseman (at least according to Keith Hernandez, who knows a thing or two about the position).

The pick, made during the Omar Minaya era, was largely well received as the system was devoid of any real first base prospects at the time. Since Ike was an advanced prospect (college attendee), he was also expected to move pretty quickly, which he did. Ike actually made his major league debut less than two years later, during the 2010 season.
In 601 plate appearances in 2010, Ike posted a basic statistical line of 264/.351/.440/.791 with 24 runs over replacement and 2.5 wins above replacement, while finishing seventh in the Rookie of the Year voting. Ike also played excellent defense, made several highlight catches near the railing/dugout area and threw in three stolen bases for good measure. Maybe not an All Star season, but a nice debut in any case and cause for optimism for 2011 and beyond.

Moving ahead to 2011, Ike started out the year like “a house on fire”. Anyone paying attention could tell he was rapidly becoming one of the better first basemen in baseball. In his first 149 plate appearances (or approximately one quarter of a season), Ike posted the following statistical line .302/.383/.543/.925 with 13 runs over replacement and 1.3 wins over replacement. Simple extrapolation would net 52 runs over replacement and 5.2 wins over replacement for an entire year, which is elite level play and definitely All Star worthy.
Just for reference, if Ike had produced 5.2 WAR in 2011, it would have been good enough for fifth best in all of baseball, at the first base position (which is usually loaded with offensive oriented players). He would have been just ahead of Albert Pujols (5.1) and just behind Prince Fielder (5.5) on the list, which is interesting to say the least.

But, as we all know, that was not meant to be. In true Mets fashion (i.e. agonizingly unbelievable), Ike injured his ankle on an infield popup of all things, when he and David Wright collided near the pitcher’s mound. What was first thought to be a minor injury, eventually morphed into a bizarre, season ending affair that also casts doubt on his 2012 season, and beyond.

So, what now? Well, for starters, if you believe the most recent information about Ike’s situation (and that may require some faith on our part after last year), he is reportedly “100 percent physically” and he will be at PSL for the start of Spring Training. IF that is true, it is awesome news in a year where the Mets really need something positive to embrace.

Read the entire post by clicking here.

Nice job by Michael… I think all of us agree that Ike Davis’ was on the verge of a major breakthrough performance last season before his unfortunate run-in with David Wright.

With the exodus of National League stalwarts Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols to the American League, Ike Davis may only have Joey Votto to contend with for a trip to the 2012 All Star game this season. And even if he doesn’t get in as a starter, there’s a heck of a good chance he gets selected anyway especially if he comes anywhere close to the start he got off to last season.

At age 25, Davis may even become the new face of the franchise even if the Mets decide to gang onto David Wright which is still a possibility now that fortunes have changed for the Mets owners.

Either way, Ike Davis is one of a few players that will make the Mets fun to watch in 2012, so keep watching or you might miss something spectacular. Lets Go Mets!

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