Morning Grind: Don’t Blame Reyes, Blame Alderson

With Jose Reyes now taking his talents to South Beach, a question now rises; How do Mets fans respond to the sparkplug of Flushing jumping ship for the bigger and better? Is he the epitome of evil like Lebron James in Cleveland? Or simply a franchise player that was let go? Personally, I am going to go with the latter.

Sandy Alderson was right in not offering the 28-year old speedster six years or more;his health is too much of a concern for that kind of commitment. I don’t believe Reyes will even finish out this deal healthy due to his hamstring issues. Despite the health problems, Alderson did an awful job when it came to Jose Reyes.

Alderson did not even offer Reyes a contract! It was purely the Marlins making a run for him. For a guy like Reyes, who has been one of the core members of this franchise since 2003; he deserved a bit more respect than that. I know the Mets couldn’t afford $100 million or 6-years, but out of common courtesy at least make him an offer! The Mets were supposedly willing to go for 5-years and $80 million. Although that wouldn’t have been nearly enough, at least you put the ball in Reyes’ court to decide. He can’t re-sign with the Mets if they never made him an offer!

It is obvious Alderson was not even trying to bring back Reyes. He had a low price ceiling on the shortstop and once the Marlins surpassed it, the Mets folded. But what I still cannot wrap my head around, is that if Alderson knew Reyes was a goner, why didn’t he trade him when he had a chance in late June or when he returned from the DL shortly before the deadline? After trading K-Rod and Beltran, it was clear the season was lost, so what was the point of half of a year more of Reyes?

Now instead of possible top-tier prospects from the Rays or Angels, the Mets will merely get a sandwich pick and a 3rd round pick from the Marlins. Paul DePodesta better get his magic computer working again to get some future stars in this draft. For if he doesn’t, letting Reyes leave with virtually no compensation can, and verywell will, cripple this franchise for the next 3-4 years; bottom line.

Whenever you let a superstar simply depart without getting anything in return, the ripple effects are devastating.

Alderson better hope Ruben Tejada comes through, because if not, last night will go down as the Midnight Massacre: Part Deux, if it hasn’t already.

So don’t blame Reyes for leaving, because Sandy Alderson basically pushed him out the door.

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