(Updated) Mets Will Have The 12th Pick In The Draft Next June

Brandon Nimmo, the Mets 2011 first-round pick takes batting practice at Citi Field Monday.

Updated Oct. 3

I just wanted to update this post with the complete 2012 Amateur Draft order from Adam Rubin. I did calculate the 12th pick correctly for the Mets last week.

Here’s the 2012 draft order:

1. Houston 56-106
2. Minnesota 63-99
3. Seattle 67-95
4. Baltimore 69-93
5. Kansas City 71-91
6. Chicago (NL) 71-91
7. San Diego 71-91
8. Pittsburgh 72-90
9. Florida 72-90
10. Colorado 73-89
11. Oakland 74-88
12. Mets 77-85
13. Chicago (AL) 79-83
14. Cincinnati 79-83
15. Cleveland 80-82
16. Washington 80-81
17. Toronto 81-81
18. Los Angeles (NL) 82-79
19. Los Angeles (AL) 86-76
20. San Francisco 86-76
21. Atlanta 89-73
22. Toronto (for not signing 2011 first-round pick)
23. St. Louis 90-72
24. Boston 90-72
25. Tampa Bay 91-71
26. Arizona 94-68
27. Detroit 95-67
28. Milwaukee 96-66
29. Texas 96-66
30. New York (AL) 97-65
31. Philadelphia 102-60

Original Post Sep. 30

Sure, the Mets didn’t exactly inspire us with their 4th place finish and 77-85 record, but if there is one residual side effect, it is that the Mets will have another high draft slot in next year’s First Year Player Draft.

Based on the¬†reverse Final Standings of the 2011 Season, the Mets will have the 12th selection in the draft next June. That’s one spot higher than they selected this year.

Furthermore, the Mets first round pick is protected, so if they choose to sign a Type A free agent this offseason, the most it will cost them is a second round pick (#42 overall). That was the same case last offseason, but the Mets didn’t sign any Type A free agents.

The only Type A free agent for the Mets this season will be Jose Reyes. Former Mets Carlos Beltran and Frankie Rodriguez will both also qualify as Type A free agents and will net the Brewers two compensations picks; a first round pick from the new signing team, and a sandwich pick after the first round. The Giants will get no compensation picks due to a clause in Beltran’s contract.

Last June, the Mets selected outfielder Brandon Nimmo with the 13th overall pick in the draft, and in 2010 the Mets selected RHP Matt Harvey with the 7th overall pick.