The Line Must Be Drawn Here!

THIS IS ABOUT SAVING THE FUTURE OF HUMANITY! Well maybe not but this has to be right up there with landing a man on the moon before the damn Commies or finally putting a Wal-Mart in Staten Island or bringing the iPhone over to a carrier that doesn’t drop calls like Charlie Sheen drops Goddesses. Winning. Yeah, umm no.

When the Sandy Alderson pulled the trigger and finally put to rest the piñata that Luis Castillo had become, through that awful contagious ailment called aging, all of us in Metdom can now finally breathe a partial sigh of relief. It struck me that so many of us would be partially sad for the guy.

The guy gets to live on a 6 million dollar paycheck if no other team see’s the innate value in a 35 year old second baseman with little to no range, bad wheels, and an even weaker slap hitter with a self-delusional mentality that he SHOULD be starting in the Majors. Now that’s winning my friends.

I guess if Castillo were more introspective and humble about his decline the anger that attaches to him like Velcro to pet hair wouldn’t be so vitriolic. Then again the infamous dropped pop up against the Yanks probably negates any good will we will ever have for him. It’s best for him to wade quietly into history along with the Bobby Bonilla’s and Vince Coleman’s of Met history.


You got that right Captain baldy with the English accent that has the French sounding name. I have a feeling all the off-season hand wringing about Castillo and Perez and all on field Met issues are being dealt with dare I say – FAIRLY – by Alderson. But without a doubt, the line in the sand is being drawn.

Sure he could have listened to the many voices out there calling for the heads of those infamous Mets but he waited and apparently wanted to see for himself. Basically he gave them the rope and they obliged.

Of all the player moves Alderson has made so far, these moves could very well define him in the eyes of the fan base. He’s not deaf to our calls but he shouldn’t flick his finger into the wind and go where the breeze from all the hot air takes him.

We have about 2 weeks left to go in Spring Training and theoretically we don’t have a clear cut second baseman. I’m fine with that. Have them battle it out and compete for the job, as they have so far. Believe me, we aren’t going to collapse because we don’t have a Dan Uggla manning second. Relax.

As for Ollie Perez, what can we say that hasn’t been already? After imploding as a starter this Spring, Collins moved him to the pen, as a situational lefty. A 12 million dollar situational lefty? Who the hell do we think we are, the Yankees?

As of right now, the official word hasn’t been given by Alderson to release Perez. But if I were you I’d keep an eye on TMZ today, Ollie Perez would be the perfect replacement for Charlie Sheen, both overpaid underperforming, with serious control issues.

Maybe Perez could tryout for Major League III, he has years of practice pretending to be a Major Leaguer.

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