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Disappointing Road Trip With Amazin’ Results

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I have to say that I was rather disappointed with this road trip. I know! I know! They lost one-fourth of their roster. Still, I feel the Mets should’ve really gotten on a winning streak here. They did well against the San Francisco Giants. I’ll take three out of four from them. They were up […]

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Quick Summary Of Jerry Manuel’s Interview On WFAN

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Earlie today Mets manager Jerry Manuel was a guest on Mike Francesa’s radio show.  There were some interesting things said by Manuel. Daniel Murphy: Manuel pretty much said that the Daniel Murphy outfield experiment is dead and over with.  Murphy will have the next 4 games to prove himself a capable first baseman, otherwise Murph […]

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It’s Funny How Things Work Out

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This was actually submitted this morning, and was scheduled in our queue for tonight, hence the title. JD I for one have seen enough of Daniel Murphy in left field. A person can cringe only so much before it leaves permanent unflattering lines across their forehead. In fairness to the kid, asking him to learn […]

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What The Hell Was Manuel Thinking??

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First, we should all be happy today because the Mets took three out of four games against the Giants, including a big win against Tim Lincecum and another win on a night that Johan Santana clearly didn’t have it. With that said, I’m frustrated that we didn’t walk out of there with a four game […]

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Mets Notes: Daniel Murphy Batting Third, Playing Leftfield

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Now there’s something I didn’t expect to see when I got a glimpse of today’s lineup… Daniel Murphy is not only playing leftfield in todays matinée, but he will also be batting third for the first time in his young Mets career.  It doesn’t say much for Jerry Manuel’s confidence in David Wright lately as even with […]

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My Interview With The Nats Blog

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I recently answered some questions for The Nats Blog in anticipation of the upcoming weekend series with the Washington Nationals. The Mets are off to a 6-8 start, are you disappointed with how things are going right now? Definitely. Although I wouldn’t say I’m surprised by their early performance, it’s still disappointing to experience. The […]

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Manuel Shakes Up Lineup, Beltran Bats Third, Wright Fifth

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Jerry Manuel is fed up with the lack of production from his offense and he has decided to shake things up for this afternoon’s game against the Cardinals. A frustrated Manuel said, ” Things aren’t working right now. I need to give our hottest hitter, Carlos Beltran more at-bats.” Well wake up and smell the […]

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The Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time Players

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Losing 6-4 to the Cards isn’t the story. It’s how the Mets lost that’s darkening every fans mood. How can so much badly played baseball be packed into 9 innings! Perez returned to his bad self. Four decent innings, and that’s all she wrote. Loss of control, and then batting practice. Yadier owns us. We […]

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Mets Notes: Pelfrey Status, Idiot Fan, Schneider & Murph

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The Mets have yet to make a decision regarding Mike Pelfrey and his upcoming start on Sunday. Pelfrey said yesterday, that he wants to pitch and that he’s not concerned about the forearm. Jerry Manuel remains non-committal either way, and most have surmised that the decision has already been made to skip his start on […]

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Do We Give Ollie Another Turn in the Rotation?

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A 7-2 victory was just what the doctor ordered. Yes! When Ron Darling says that a guy “pitched really well tonight” who am I to dispute? Given the weather and lack of great run support, I agree. He looked good and maintained his composure. His slider looked good, and nice to see he’s sporting a […]

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