New Year’s Resolution: Lets Get Back In The Game

An article by posted on December 30, 2010
New Years’ Resolutions —
Isn’t that a scary phrase? 
Do you ever make them? 
Or, I should say, if you do, do you keep them?  
I wonder if the Mets do….
I wonder which players spend their winter making plans for the summer….
I’d like to think that Sandy Alderson has a plan, and is working hard on putting all the ideas and suggestions together – at least he has his own men here and doesn’t have to explain things.  These guys have worked together for a long time and probably can finish each other’s sentences.
I’ll bet Terry Collins has been working on a plan and it will be ready as soon as Spring Training opens.  Terry looks like an ambitious man who can hardly wait until camp opens at Port St. Lucie.  I also think he will put his heart and soul into this season with his new team, and I wish him all the best in doing so.
So, please give this subject a bit of thought and share with the rest of us your ideas or suggestions etc.
Let’s get our Mets back in the game in 2011.

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