Let’s See Your Mets Memorabilia: It’s Off The Wall!

In a recent article, for which we at MMO received many positive comments, we showed our personal Mets memorabilia, which consisted of a Mets pennant from the 1969.

To further the pattern, we thought today this article would expand the topic and highlight Met’s wallhangings.  The first wall hanging, shown below, is a framed back cover of Long Island Newsday from October 28, 1986 which was the day after the Mets won their last World Series.

Although this was the second Mets World Series title in his lifetime, the author was only 3 months old when the Mets had won their previous title, so he took the time to have preserve this one.  Little did the author know at the time that this would be the last World Series title in Mets history until at least 2019.

Speaking of the back covers of Newsday, the picture below, is from the January 8, 1992, and celebrates when The Franchise was elected to the Hall of Fame.

Note that the frame is a Mets blue, and the reason is that the picture was originally the property of the author’s brother, himself a huge Mets fan, who had the picture framed.  The author did not become in possession of this important historical artifact until his brother had moved out of the house and his new landlord did not allow picture holes in the walls.

Just above the picture of Tom Terrific is a small pennant, no more than about 9 inches long announcing the author as a Mets Super Fan.  This small pennant was a gift from the Mets back in the 1980s when the author signed up as a member of the Junior Mets fan club.

Current Mr. Mets Kids Club awards fan free tickets to select home games, but not the great little pennant which can still be tacked to the wall 35+ years later.

Speaking of pennants, recall for a minute how bleak the Mets were in the last 1970s.  Seaver, Koosman and Matlack and even King Kong Kingman were all gone.  But in 1980 Doubleday & Co. had bought the team, installed a cool Big Apple and promised, as the 1980 pennant shown below declared, that “The Magic Is Back”.  The magic allowed the team to finish out of the cellar (3 games ahead of the Cubs) but the most important move that year was the Mets drafting a young man from Los Angeles with the funny last name of Strawberry.


The red frame below the pennant shown above is not a Mets related object, but surely even die-hard Mets fans like MMO readers cannot begrudge a section of wall in one’s man cave for Hammerin’ Hank:


The picture above was kept by the father of a great childhood friend who bequeathed it to the author.  Does anyone else remember when the paper was 10 cents?

To wrap up things on a Mets note, “How do you know you have a lot of Mets memorabilia hanging on the wall?”  When your 12-year-old gives you a Mets collage for a Christmas gift, because he knows it’s what you really want:

Please share pictures of your own Mets wall hanging memorabilia in the comments section below, so fellow Mets fans and MMO readers can share in the joy.  Besides a picture, you can perhaps take the time to explain how you came to own and/or display your Mets artifact?

In future articles, we’ll expand the category to cover bobbleheads and perhaps your favorite baseball card or two.


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