Boras: In the End, Mets Shop at Fred’s

Scott Boras participated in another installment of his yearly meeting with baseball’s brass, and as always, he provided the media with multiple buzzworthy quotes.

With a flurry of quotes that were directly targeted towards teams and certain personnel, he touched on the Mets franchise with a few.

When speaking on the topic of Brodie Van Wagenen, Boras said “Philosophically, I’ve always rejected the notion of a player agent switching roles and becoming a general manager.”

Boras then went on to say, as accounted by’s Anthony DiComo, “I’ve never talked to Brodie Van Wagenen in my life.”

Boras and Van Wagenen talked for the first time later in the day according to Tim Healey of Newsday.

Boras went on to rip other franchises around the league, claiming the Blue Jays had “Blue Flu”, when the Twins play, “only one of[them] shows up”, mentioned that LSU Football has outdrew the Marlins in 2018, and added that the Marlins “put the MIA in Miami”, and that the Mets will be “shopping at Freds” this off-season.

It is probably worth noting that Freds’ is a discount marketplace, but I’m sure you could probably infer that through context.

Nonetheless, Scott Boras once again took a swing at the heads of baseball, attempting to bash anyone that could give him reason to, and show an ugly side to the agent that represents some of the prominent names in baseball.

Boras represents some of the biggest free agents this offseason including Bryce Harper, Zach Britton, Dallas Keuchel and Marwin Gonzalez.

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