Mets Minors’ Full Season Affiliates Offensive Leaders

This year, the Mets had a number of breakout performances leading some players to crack Top 100 prospect lists and for other players to finally get their chance to play at the Major League level. Looking over those performances, here are 2018 Mets full season affiliate leaders in each offensive category among qualifiers (3.1 plate appearances per game):

G – 133 Zach Borenstein (Las Vegas)
PA – 574 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
AB – 484 Zach Borenstein (Las Vegas)
R – 92 Zach Borenstein (Las Vegas)
H – 136 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
2B – 32 Zach Borenstein (Las Vegas)
3B – 7 Matt Winaker (Columbia), Edgardo Fermin (Columbia), John Mora (Binghamton), Quinn Brodey (Columbia & St. Lucie)
HR – 36 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
RBI – 119 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
SB – 38 Andres Gimenez (St. Lucie & Binghamton)
BB – 81 Zach Borenstein (Las Vegas)
BA .306 Levi Michael (Binghamton)
OBP – .395 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
SLG .579 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
OPS – .975 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
TB – 277 Peter Alonso (Binghamton & Las Vegas)
HBP – 24 Scott Manea (Columbia)
SF – 9 Michael Paez (St. Lucie)

One surprise from this list may be the omission of Jeff McNeil. While McNeil did have an outstanding minor league season hitting .342/.411/.617, he did not have enough at-bats to be listed among qualifiers.

Conversely, it should come as no surprise Alonso led in most offensive categories. Also, as we have seen with Las Vegas being the Triple-A affiliate of the Mets, it should also come as no surprise players who played for that team. It will be interesting to see if this is something which evens out a bit more across affiliates as Syracuse becomes the Mets new Triple-A affiliate.

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