Eiland Glad Mets Didn’t Trade Starters

Much of the discussion leading up to the 2018 trade deadline surrounding the New York Mets was whether they would trade any of their starting pitchers.

Zack Wheeler, Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard were highly sought after starters at the deadline in what was a weak market in the terms of quality starting pitching.

In the end, the Mets held onto the talented group and they’ve been part of a Mets rotation that has a National League best 3.26 ERA in the second half.

Mets pitching coach Dave Eiland is very glad they held onto the starters, “That is why Mickey and I were pounding the nail prior to the [trade] deadline not get rid of any of them.”

DeGrom is currently the frontrunner for NL Cy Young with a major league best 1.78 ERA, Wheeler posted career-high 4.2 fWAR before being recently shutdown and Syndergaard has a 2.87 FIP (3.36 ERA) following a season he pitched only 30 innings.

Overall in 2018, the Mets rotation has a 3.70 ERA which ranks seventh (3.65 FIP ranks fourth) in the majors and a far cry from the 5.14 ERA they posted last season.

Eiland is supremely confident in the Mets rotation going into 2019, “We can win a championship with this rotation. It takes more than this rotation, but I will take this rotation in a 5 or 7-game series.”

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