Ricco: Mets Looking at Short Rebuild

Friday afternoon to start a home series means the New York Mets general manager answering questions from reporters at Citi Field, today it was a different face though.

With Sandy Alderson stepping aside due to health, Mets assistant GM John Ricco took the stage and one of the key notes was his comments on the Mets approach to the upcoming trade deadline strategy calling it a “short rebuild to be competitive by next season.”

Ricco also touched on the subject of possibly trading Jacob deGrom or Noah Syndergaard, “moving a Syndergaard or a deGrom doesn’t necessarily preclude a short rebuild but it will require high-caliber MLB returns.”

The Mets find themselves in the precarious position of needing to trade assets to improve their likelihood of competing in the short-term and long-term though the pending free agents they have aren’t likely to return great trade value.

Which is why we keep hearing rumors surrounding deGrom and Syndergaard though dealing from the duo of Zack Wheeler and Steven Matz sounds more likely.

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