MMO Mailbag: Should The Mets Be Rebuilding?

Well, we are in the Month of July, and the Mets are firmly in a position to sell. It should then come as no surprise the questions this week focus on the impending trade deadline:

The K Machine asks . . .

How do you trust a rebuild if the organization can’t even fix itself?

John S. replies . . .

At the moment, you simply cannot trust a rebuild for the exact reason you cited. At the moment, the Mets have an odd triumvirate with Jeff Wilpon actively taking the place of Sandy Alderson.

When it was Alderson in charge, you could trust a rebuild as he was an experienced and well respected GM.

He did the job too obtaining players like Zack Wheeler, Noah Syndergaard, and Travis d’Arnaud.

Who is the guy on this staff you trust to do the same?

Even if you like John Ricco, J.P. Riccardi, and/or Omar Minaya, none of them have been in the lead for a tear down and rebuild. That aside, none of them are in control.

This is exactly why you cannot major franchise-altering decisions like trading Jacob deGrom and Syndergaard. Those are decisions which could affect this franchise for the next decade. Maybe even longer.

With those pitchers, Michael Conforto, Brandon Nimmo, and Amed Rosario, it’s completely absurd this team is talking rebuild.

It gets even more unneccesary when you consider Peter Alonso, Justin Dunn, and even Andres Gimenez are not that far away.

Throw in a loaded free agent class with Manny Machado, and this Mets team could contend in 2019 and 2020.

In the end, that may be the biggest reason of all why you can’t trust this organization – they can’t even accurately assess the situation.

1nycmetsfan asks . . .

Which players will be traded before the deadline, what should we realistically expect in return, and who will most likely replace their positions/spots on the roster?

John S. replies . . .

Before the trade deadline, the only player who is realistically asure bet to be traded is Jeurys Familia. Teams always want bullpen help at the deadline, and Familia is one of the best available.

Judging from the Addison Reed trade last year and the Royals return for Kelvin Herrera, you shouldn’t be expecting much in return.

Aside from Familia, the only other Met who seems like he can be moved at the deadline is Wheeler, who is improving his value with each and every start.

Considering the starter trade market is so weak J.A. Happ and his 104 ERA+ is a top target, it’s possible the Mets could get a real prospect or two in exchange for Wheeler.

That said, not knowing if he’s truly on the trade block, the level of interest in him, and the teams who are interested, it’s difficult at this stage to peg what a return could be.

After Wheeler, it’s really inconsequential deals made at some point in July or August.

For the second straight season, the Mets will probably be underwhelmed with offers on Asdrubal Cabrera. The difference now is they’ll have to accept one of those offers.

Considering what his market will likely be, the Mets are going to really regret not shopping Jerry Blevins more aggressively last year.

Like with the Houston Astros last year, the top teams will chase deGrom, but without them handing over three big prospects for either pitcher, it is difficult to believe he gets moved.

Overall, unless the Mets are trading a starting pitcher, they’re not getting anything other than salary relief, which is something the Mets actively pursued in trades last year.

Having said that, the one name to follow is Todd Frazier. With Josh Donaldson still out, his ability to play both corner infield spots, his reputation as a good clubhouse guy, and a reasonable $9 million salary next season, teams may well show interest in Frazier.

As for who gets called up in their stead, it really depends on who gets moved.

Overall, it’s likely Dominic Smith gets a long look at first base if for no other reason than to provide clarity on whether he or Alonso is the first baseman of the future. To that end, Alonso probably finishes the year in Triple-A.

You’d also have to expect Jeff McNeil to get a look at some point this season. He’s been playing too well, and he’s 26.

On the pitching side of the equation, you’ve seen the names already so there’s no need to regurgitate them here.

One last point, and this is just a guess, but chances are Tim Tebow stays in the minors.

The Mets purchased Triple-A Syracuse, and they likely want to have Tebow on the team as a draw. By putting him on the 40-man roster now, they’re putting themselves in a position to either cut him or designate a real prospect for assignment.

As down as Mets fans are on the organization, it’s really hard to believe, they’ll put themselves in this position.

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Hopefully, you enjoyed this mailbag as much as I enjoyed answering your questions. Keep the questions and comments coming and make sure to send them to

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