Mets Matters: Oh Mickey… Snub A Dub Dub… Red Flags…

The Callaway Shuffle

During the second game of yesterday’s doubleheader, Mickey Callaway brought in Jerry Blevins to face lefty Odubel Herrera, who was standing in the on-deck circle. The problem was that Herrera wasn’t announced yet, so Gabe Kapler sent up righty Jesmuel Valentin instead. Blevins struck out Valentin anyway, so the point is moot, but clearly this was yet another rookie mistake by Callaway. Or as Keith Hernandez said, “Mickey just got snookered.”

Hey, mistakes happen, especially when you’re learning on the fly. But instead of owning up to his screw-up Callaway flipped the table and said that everything went according to his plan which was to make sure Herrera didn’t get to bat in the game. I’m not buying it… From what I’ve seen of our new skipper in a season fraught with head-scratching moves and often light on logic – a cold and calculating evil genius Callaway is not.

About That All Star Snub

I’ve read plenty of rants – including right here on MMO – about Brandon Nimmo being snubbed from the All Star Game. And make no mistake that Nimmo certainly belongs based on all the statistical evidence. But I’ve yet to see one of the talking heads and baseball writers afford any blame to the Mets for why Nimmo won’t be donning an All Star uniform in DC next week.

Every MLB team had to submit three outfielders to be included on the ballot and the Mets went with Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto and Jay Bruce. It’s just another reason to hate that ridiculous ill-advised Bruce deal which made me vomit chunks when it was announced. What a waste… And we still have to contend with him in 2019 and 2020.  Anyway, that’s why Nimmo isn’t going to the All Star Game.

By the way, the last time a write-in candidate was elected to an All Star Game was 44 years ago in 1974. when the fans voted in first baseman Steve Garvey of the Dodgers. Mets manager Yogi Berra managed the NL squad to a convincing 7-2 victory. Garvey was named Most Valuable Player of the game and then went on to win the National League MVP award that season.

More Mickey Shenanigans

When asked why the Mets opted not to promote infield prospect Jeff McNeil after placing Todd Frazier on the DL, Mickey Callaway responded on Sunday that McNeil was strictly a second baseman. After that myth was debunked and it was learned that McNeil is actually very capable at third, Callaway doubled down on Monday.

“We have several options, but I like Jose Reyes over there. He’s played pretty good baseball lately when he’s been out there. So I think he deserves to have a shot at third.”

Is he kidding me? I may have to downgrade my rating on Callaway from incompetent to delusional. Reyes is slashing .152/.152/.212 in his last 14 games and his average for the season has now plunged to.169 with a.478 OPS. No position player on any active roster has worse numbers.

But here’s another thing… Both Sandy and Mickey have asserted all season long that a main reason Reyes continues to occupy a spot on the roster was to mentor Amed Rosario. Sounds like that’s a crock of shit after watching Reyes refuse to be called off on a play that was clearly all Rosario’s.  Watch the video…

Rosario was visibly stunned after that play, and his mentor Reyes just shrugged him off, turned, and walked away without even acknowledging a very upset Rosario. Mentor my ass…

Some Quick Hits

I hope John Ricco was pulling our legs yesterday when he said the Mets can be contenders next season. If they operate with that mindset moving forward, this could be a very counterproductive trade deadline and offseason. It’s pretty disconcerting that we’re already getting very mixed messages from Ricco and Omar Minaya. Then throw Jeff Wilpon into the mix and you have a full blown cluster f… Well you know what I mean.

I could be wrong, but when I watched Dominic Smith yesterday, he looks a lot heavier than that svelte-looking kid who showed up to camp 30 pounds lighter. But what concerns me more than that was watching him go 0-for-7 in yesterday’s doubleheader with some really awful at-bats against the Phillies. He now owns a .185/.209/.338 batting line with just one home run and one RBI in 67 plate appearances this season. All together now… YIKES!

I think I’m getting to that point where I can safely say”I told you so” on Anthony Swarzak. He’s been brutal and has performed even worse than my gloomy pre-season prediction on him. At this point I would gladly take that 4.50 ERA projection over the 6.49 ERA he’s currently riding over 15 appearances this season. What an awful signing for a one-year wonder who posted his best season in a walk year at the age of 32. The Mets ignored all the red flags and got snookered into giving this guy $14 million enchiladas. On a bright note, I’m loving Tim Peterson… A lot.

I’m outta here, have a great day everybody!

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