League Executives Not Certain Of Mets Plan For Starters

Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote an article yesterday in which he got the opinions of other league executives about whether or not the Mets would trade any of the four starters on the market, in Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz, and Zack Wheeler.

The one believed to be off the table is Jacob deGrom as one executive said, “They are not talking deGrom. They are not trading deGrom.”

However, the team is more open to the idea of a Noah Syndergaard trade, but his injuries might serve as a problem in any potential deal. Despite this one executive still could see it happening.

“I think the market is so bare of difference-making starters that as long as Syndergaard is healthy and pitches well, they will get legitimate offers and I could see him getting moved.”

The right-hander is likely to start Friday against the Washington Nationals which would give him a few starts to prove he his healthy.

Another executive opines that the team’s GM situation simply makes it difficult to envision a trade of either deGrom or Syndergaard, though.

“I’m just not sure they have a leadership situation that lends itself to large or organization-changing decisions at present. Can those guys agree on that type of deal without Sandy?”

Meanwhile, the most attainable of the group appears to be Zack Wheeler, while Steven Matz is being talked about “closer to deGrom/Syndergaard than to Wheeler.”

Nonetheless, that same NL executive had an interesting take on the idea of the Mets trading either of those two, with a former-Met being referenced as someone who appears to have figured it out with a simple change of scenery.

“I would take a longer look at a Met starter like Wheeler or Matz and wonder if they might perform better outside of where they are because there is so much dysfunction and bad defense [with the Mets]. We have had someone on two recent Matt Harvey starts, and he is not back to where he was at his peak with the Mets, but the stuff was really good.”

“His fastball, slider and pitchability were so much better than with the Mets [earlier this year] that it forces you to ask, ‘What was wrong with the Mets that they couldn’t stick with this guy and get this out of him?’”

With Wheeler set to be a free agent after 2019, he remains the likeliest of the group to be dealt, but an official soured on the idea that they would trade any of them.

“My read on them is at the end of the day, they only move the free agents.” That would be in reference to Jeurys Familia, Asdrubal Cabrera, and Jerry Blevins (if a team is interested in him).

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