Coutinho: Build Around Starters to Win a Championship

I have thought long and hard about this with the trade winds brewing as we approach the July 31 deadline, and I know the Mets have many holes to fill on this roster, but I firmly believe Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler will be the core group that will lead the Mets to the promised land.

I’ve heard all of the arguments that both deGrom and Syndergaard can bring back a plethora of young talent, but I am not interested in that unless we are talking players that have already been successful on the Major League level.

When I see these two perform, I think of duos like Tom Seaver and Jerry Koosman with the ’69 Mets or Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling with the ’01 Diamondbacks. If they are healthy, they can cover up a whole bunch of team deficiencies.

More than that, these two players have shown postseason greatness that few young pitchers have exhibited. Consider deGrom beating the Dodgers in games started by Clayton Kershaw and Zack Greinke and Noah going toe to toe with Madison Bumgarner as well as bridging that Game 5 win in Dodger Stadium from deGrom to Jeurys Familia.

That is why I snicker at folks who contend Luis Severino is the best New York pitcher when his postseason was mediocre at best and that Yankee postseason was actually saved by Masahiro Tanaka. But that is another story for another day.

This Met team needs help in the bullpen and on offense, but with the starting pitchers that they currently possess (coupled with a possibility Seth Lugo rounds out the five-man rotation if the bullpen gets better), this rotation has a chance to be the best in the sport so it naturally begs the question: Why break it up?

Still don’t believe me? Well then answer this question: in a short series, which two pitchers in the National League would you rather have? I do believe that you can make an argument for the tandem of Max Scherzer and Stephen Strasburg but that is it. And why destroy the depth of your team’s strength for prospects?

These Mets will get better if they spend money on offense and the bullpen, but creating a hole in the rotation will only exacerbate the issues that need to be addressed, and that makes no sense.

Keep Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard, Steven Matz and Zack Wheeler together. It is the quickest path to a championship.

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Rich Coutinho has been a Met beat reporter since 1984 working at ABC Radio, WFAN, ESPN Radio, and He is the author of Press Box Revolution as well as an upcoming book on the Miracle Mets which will hit the stores in April of 2019. He lives in Rye, New York.