MMO Roundtable: Should Alderson See Mets Through Another Rebuild?

With the absolutely embarrassing lineup the Mets put out yesterday, the Mets did what we all expected them to do — they lost.  That loss took the once 11-1 Mets, and it sunk them all the way to 14 games under .500.  Perhaps worse than that, the Marlins won last night meaning a Marlins team actively looking to lose games this season has more wins than the Mets.

With each passing game, the writing on the wall becomes clearer and clearer. It is time to rebuild this team. Unless there are changes in the front office, this means Sandy Alderson would be given the rare opportunity to conduct two rebuilds with the same franchise. Considering how much of a rarity that is coupled with his only having two winning seasons in his eight year tenure with the Mets, we should actively question whether he should get that chance.

Josh Finkelstein – Better Option Than Ricco

I’d like to say there is a clear answer to this question, but I honestly don’t know. In terms of trusting him to rebuild this team, right now I don’t. Do I think he should be the guy to do it though? Maybe, and I’ll explain why. I fear that the next person in command is going to end up being John Ricco who, at least to me, appears to be a Wilpon puppet who will not say much at all to them while allowing the Wilpons to meddle whenever they please. I think with Alderson, they at least have a guy who is well respected by the front office and will take a stand on certain things. That being said, I really don’t see a perfect solution here for the next rebuild, and I could see this ending very poorly one way or another.

Rob Piersall – A Hard No

It’s a hard no. Alderson should not be at the helm and see this team through another rebuild. Sans a late run in 2015 and 2016, Alderson’s career as general manager of the Mets has been lackluster. Sure, he made some smart trades (Yoenis Cespedes, Addison Reed, Neil Walker), some good free agent signings (Asdrubal Cabrera, Curtis Granderson), but since their World Series appearance and playoff berth in 2016, Alderson has done relatively nothing to try and improve this team.In 2017, we saw a carbon copy of the 2016 team and much is the same this year. The farm system is one of the weakest in baseball, and the in-season moves he’s made have been terrible to say the least. I think it’s fair to pin a lot of, if not most, of the state of the organization on the Wilpons, but Alderson hasn’t helped matters. It’s time to get some fresh blood in here because after eight years and one rebuild already, we are back at square one and he shouldn’t get a shot to do it again.

Tim Ryder – How Could You?

At this point, how could we? Clearly he’s been restrained by ownership to a degree, but even the moves he has made with the green light from upstairs he’s blown. Players continue to get hurt after lingering issues become worse. The farm system keeps churning out decent players, but they do the team no good if they’re spending the beginning of their prime years in MiLB. The logjam at the MLB level with overpaid, under-performing talent has put a roadblock in front of guys like Peter Alonso and Jeff McNeil, who could clearly be helping this team right now in any capacity. Instead, Jose Reyes and Jay Bruce (on DL now but we still have to deal with The Mummy in LF or at first base for another two-plus years) continue to take up dead and, in Bruce’s case, expensive space on a team that is stuck in the mud. No matter the payroll ceiling Alderson was given, he’s spent his allocated funds inefficiently too many times to be handed the keys to the family car ever again.

Dilip Sridhar – Sandy’s Gone Anyway

No, I don’t believe Anderson should be conducting the next rebuild but I do think he’ll finish out the season and they will fire him in the off-season. Of course, that would mean he’s allowed to sell off the guys like Jeurys Familia, Cabrera, and whoever else but I don’t see that as a big issue. In all likelihood, I think Sandy will “move to another role” like Terry Collins did. I thank him for his years of service to the team, but it’s clearly time to turn the page. I’d also like to add I don’t believe much will change because you can’t replace ownership. That said, it’s time go try and throw something else at the wall and hope it sticks.

Breanna Susa – No Trust

I don’t trust sandy for another rebuild since his first rebuild only gave the Mets 1-2 successful year s(2015,2016 playoff years). He couldn’t even trade Bruce, Reed, and Walker for decent prospects. Maybe teams would have given them better prospects if the Mets ate their contracts, but they didn’t. (Wilpons fault?). Sandy did trade Carlos Beltran for Zack Wheeler and R.A. Dickey for Noah Syndergaard and Travis d’Arnaud. But those are the only two noted trades from the rebuild years. I’m sure we could get a lot for Jacob deGrom or Syndergaard but I’m not so sure Sandy would be getting a haul back in return. I’d say keep deGrom and Syndergaard and build around them. If the Mets rebuild it’s going to take another 4-6 years to be good again . . . just like from 2010-14.

John Sheridan – Poor Job Assessing His Own Talent

It is beyond absurd we are at the point of a rebuild.  This team has two aces atop the rotation with deGrom and Syndergaard. The team has cornerstone position players in Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo who have already performed well in the majors.

The talent needed to buttress those players are not that far away. Dominic Smith has restored some of his value, and Peter Alonso is pushing him. With prospects like Andres Gimenez, Justin Dunn,and David Peterson two to three years away, this team is in prime position to turn things around quickly. Of course, that is discounting a historic free agent class with players like Manny Machado, Bryce Harper and potentially Clayton Kershaw, who will be game changers for whatever franchise they sign with next season.

Of course, none of us believes the Mets will dip their toes in those waters, which is a big reason why the reigns should be handed to Omar Minaya.

Minaya is the rare Mets General Manager who has prodded the Wilpons to spend, and that spending helped create that 2005-08 window. After that window closed, Minaya left behind talent in the Mets system which would form not just the core of a pennant winner, but also players who could be moved to add to that core.

For his part, Sandy struck it big with the Dickey trade. After that, he’s done a really poor job assessing and scouting his own talent. It’s why he used his budget to sign Omar Quintanilla and non-tender Justin Turner. It’s why he went out of his way to part ways with NLCS MVP Daniel Murphy.  It’s why he parted with Michael Fulmer. More to the point, it’s why he had no faith in Nimmo, first trying to trade him for Bruce and later burying him behind Bruce.

A General Manager with that poor a read on his own talent should not be entrusted with another rebuild.

Overall, it appears our staff believes Sandy Alderson’s time in Flushing should come to an end.

Do you agree with us, or do you have an argument why Alderson should be entrusted with the next rebuild?  We look forward to continuing this discussion in the comments section.

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