Mets Decline to Play it Safe With Cespedes, Again

One of the most important offensive players this season for the New York Mets has been Yoenis Cespedes despite his slower start to the season.

Unfortunately, Cespedes is dealing with a mild hip strain and was placed on the disabled list on Wednesday before the Mets got pounded by the Toronto Blue Jays, 12-1.

Cespedes, 32, is hitting .255/.315/.474 with six doubles, team-high eight homers and 28 RBI this year for the Mets.

Sure the Mets finally did the right thing on Wednesday by placing Cespedes on the DL, but that came after a week in which they had two off days and played him at 85 percent.

I understand that the Mets were put in a tough spot with one of their top offensive players Todd Frazier put on the DL last week and knowing Jay Bruce was going to miss the series on Philadelphia last weekend. That doesn’t excuse the Mets from risking further injury (they claimed they weren’t) by playing an outfielder and one of their best players at 85 percent.

The Mets again, something that was supposed to change and has to a degree (see Frazier), put themselves in a situation where they were going to be short-handed on the bench. At least they didn’t use Cespedes as a pinch hitter on Tuesday, trying to find a silver lining.

Had the Mets decided to play if safe with Cespedes and put him on the DL before their game Cincinnati Reds last Wednesday (in which he was hobbling in the outfield), he would’ve been eligible to return having only missed six games (three off days and one rain out). Now, Cespedes will have to miss nine games assuming there isn’t any rain outs. Not exactly optimizing the usage of the 10-day DL.

All of this coming after a 2017 season in which the Mets toyed back and forth with a Cespedes injury before they finally shut him down and he played in only 81 games.


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