Wheeler Ready To Show Off New Delivery Tonight

Mike Puma of the New York Post heard from Zack Wheeler, Mickey Callaway, and John Ricco, who believe that the right-hander has fine-tuned his delivery ahead of his first start of the season.

Puma writes that the delivery we will see is going to be shortened one with less arm wrapping.

Regarding his minor league stint, the 27-year old said this:

“It’s a little more calm down there. I was able to concentrate and not necessarily worry about results. But the results were there and it was a little more satisfying.”

Wheeler further reflects on what happened in Spring Training and ultimately led to his demotion.

“It’s hard, because you have been doing something for so long. It’s muscle memory. I think that was what went on in spring training and that is why I was so inconsistent in games. Bullpens and before the game on the mound I would be great. Once I got out there I got right back to what I was doing.”

If Wheeler has really figured out a way to shorten his delivery, the Mets might be able to boast about the “Fab-Five” in the fashion they always hoped to.

John Ricco admits that there is a lot of excitement on their part to see this group in action for the first time together.

“It’s something we have all awaited for quite a while. But, quite honestly, I try not to get caught up in stuff like that. It’s more about this team and what we’re doing right now, but we have been talking about it for so long, it’s kind of neat to finally have it happen.”

So, yes, while the organization wasn’t necessarily planning on seeing this, it does feel a little bit like a vision becoming a reality. They didn’t expect it to come now, but since it is, they are interested to see how it comes to fruition.

This might be temporary with Jason Vargas expected to return within the next couple of weeks, but the dream is going to be realized in the meantime.

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