Mets Not Likely to Utilize Six-Man Rotation

The New York Mets signed left-handed veteran Jason Vargas to a two-year deal on Friday, adding another name to the long list of potential starters.

However, Mets skipper Mickey Callaway said despite the acquisition, the team is unlikely to put forth a six-man rotation.

“Now that they’ve added more off-days, that can be challenging to actually pitch six pitchers, because then guys are pitching on their seventh day and things like that,” he said Friday. “And that’s probably a little too long to keep guys in. I think what you can do is make sure you utilize those off-days to rest guys properly, and keep guys where they need to be physically so we can make it through the season.”

While the Mets do in fact have a plethora of options to take the ball every fifth day, you can really never have too much pitching. We saw that on the forefront last season when the rotation was decimated by injuries.

Vargas will give the team some much needed stability. He registered 32 starts last year for the Kansas City Royals while logging 179.2 innings. That would have been second to only Jacob deGrom for the Mets in 2017.

“He can pitch. He’s a guy that goes out there, does his job,” Callaway said. “Tremendous teammate, and he gave us some fits when we were facing him in Cleveland.”

Ultimately, it seems as though they could go to a six-man rotation at some point in the season, but what’s important first and foremost is keeping the pitchers healthy. We will just have to see how things shake out once the season kicks off.

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