Bruce Wants a Winner in 2018

Steve Serby of the New York Post caught up with Jay Bruce at Port St. Lucie to get his thoughts on a variety of issues. I am going to highlight a few in this article, but be sure to check out Serby’s article for the full transcript of their conversation.

The right-fielder, when asked about reasons for optimism about the team in 2018, had this to say:

“You look at our lineup, I believe it’s very deep — especially with the addition of Todd Frazier. Getting Conforto back healthy will be really important. Health is the key for the Mets. If we’re healthy, we are real contenders in that NL East division.”

“The front office has done a good job adding to the back of the bullpen, not only this offseason but last year as well with the addition of Ramos. If Familia comes back and he’s healthy and kind of reinvents himself there at the back end of that pen, I think that this is not a fun team to face, if you come into New York, you got your hands full.”

He clearly sees the same vision that the Mets front office. While this team does rely on a ton of “ifs,” it is true that if these come to fruition that they will be right in the thick of it. When asked about his desire to win a World Series with this team, the 30-year old said this:

“Honestly, that’s why I come to the field these days. Everything else is kind of secondary to me at this point. I want to be on a team that wins a World Series. I want to be able to help an organization win a World Series. You never know when it’s all gonna come together, how it’s all gonna come together, but I believe that we’re capable of it.”

“I think when you’re younger, you’re a little more consumed by becoming a quote-unquote big leaguer, and you’re kind of getting your footing in the game, but for me, I’m there, I’ve done that, I just want to be part of something bigger than that.”

Basically, he is saying he is at the age now where winning means much more to him than remaining a steady big leaguer. He has gotten his run in the league that has spanned almost a decade, and now getting the elusive World Series ring and experience has taken priority No.1 in his eyes.

The interview ended in a very direct way as he addressed Mets fans with the following message:

“Stick with us. Be patient, and be passionate about it. Show up. We need ’em. We need ’em there. The environment at Citi Field is as good as anywhere I’ve ever been when you have people in the seats.”

“I look forward to that, I look forward to them being on our side this year and then being as passionate as they always are, and kind of riding the roller coaster with us all year, and hope we get to the top of the mountain.”

Remember the home-field advantage that started to hit Citi Field in 2015 after the team acquired Yoenis Cespedes?

That’s the environment he is referring to the team needing in 2018. They need to re-establish that winning atmosphere in all facets, not just one or two of them, to make a run at the World Series this season.

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