Should Mets Target Twins Second Baseman Brian Dozier?

Who should play second base for the Mets in 2018? That’s a question we have examined recently at MMO in regards to Jason Kipnis and Eduardo Nunez. Now we will discuss whether or not the Mets should pursue a trade with the Minnesota Twins for Brian Dozier?

Is Dozier Available?

Just because one team has a need or desire for a certain player on another team doesn’t mean the other team will consider trading that player. Last offseason, that didn’t seem like a problem though as rumors swirled from November to the beginning of the season about Dozier possibly being on the move. That never happened, but the Twins were at least open to the idea of a trade.

This offseason they still appear open, but not as much according to Twins’ owner Jim Pohlad.

“You would have to believe you’re getting a future core player back — or players,” Pohlad said according to Mike Berardino of the St. Paul Pioneer Press. “Now. Not 10 years from now.”

While Dozier only has a season remaining under his contract, it’s hard to imagine his asking price to go down much; especially after yet another successful season.

“In some cases, you know you need to get something and sometimes you have to give something up,” Pohlad said. “It’s not because you want to get rid of a person or think this person is no good. You listen and you’ve got to give value. Those teams aren’t ignorant. They want value back.”

On Saturday, Joel Sherman of the New York Post wrote about a possible trade the Mets could make soon involving Luis Guillorme and Robert Gsellman for Kipnis. However, he also speculated that the Mets could go for Ian Kinsler or Dozier in a trade as well.

Dozier won’t be cheap, but if the Mets want him, the Twins will listen to offers.

Would Dozier Be An Upgrade?

The Mets have plenty of league-average options at second base currently. Would Dozier be a clear and concise upgrade at second base? The answer to that question is: yes.

Mets second baseman combined to hit .255/.331/.401/.732 with 83 runs scored, 19 home runs, 72 RBI, and six stolen bases in 624 at-bats across all 162 games in 2017. Dozier topped all those numbers in 10 less games (152) and seven less at-bats (617). He hit .271/.359/.498/.856 with 106 runs scored, 34 home runs, 93 RBI, and 16 stolen bases.

Dozier, who just won a Gold Glove in 2017, would be a slight upgrade in regards to defense. While the Gold Glove is impressive, his defense actually wasn’t that great overall. Where he impresses the most is his highlight-reel plays.

He actually had -4 DRS and a -1.3 UZR in 1,311 innings at second base. That was a far cry from his National League Gold Glove counterpart DJ LeMahieu who had eight DRS and a 3.8 UZR in 1,302 innings at second.

Dozier’s real value comes from his hitting. After all, it’s not at all common to have a second baseman hit 42 home runs like he did in 2016. He broke the American League single-season home run record for a second baseman with that feat.

All of Dozier’s accomplishments in 2017 led to him being a 4.9 WAR player. That ranked him 20th among position players in 2017 according to FanGraphs. If that isn’t enough, that was actually a down year from his 5.9 WAR season in 2016.

Is Dozier Worth Dealing For?

As mentioned time and time again, the Mets have a limited amount of money to spend this offseason. However, Dozier is set to get paid $9 million in 2018 which is pretty affordable considering a player of his caliber. The biggest drawbacks from a trade like this is what the Mets need to give up and the fact that he only has a year left on his contract.

Even with that considered, the Mets should definitely go after a player like Dozier, but only if they address their needs at other positions at the same time. If the Mets trade for Dozier, do nothing else, and think they can win the World Series, they would be delusional. A trade for Dozier requires a commitment that the Mets are all in for 2018; something Alderson has already insisted this offseason.

What are your opinions on a trade for Dozier? Do you think the Mets should go after him and do you think a trade between the Mets and Twins is possible?

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