Recent Mets Rumors: Real Or Marketing Tactic?

Could Carlos Santana Be Heading To Flushing?

Earlier reports about the Mets (in)ability to spend have gone by the wayside with Sandy Alderson getting annoyed with the questions.  In its place, we have Sandy playing the role of Omar Minaya with the Mets being linked to key players this free agency:

  • The Mets want Carlos Santana because he’s a “difference maker.”
  • They have interest in Lorenzo Cain who could solve their OF issues.
  • They’re monitoring the second base market, especially players like Dee Gordon and Jason Kipnis.
  • They want to give Jacob deGrom a contract extension.
  • Underperforming players like Dominic Smith will not be guaranteed anything, and in fact, will have to earn a role on the team. That is, if there is still a role left to earn.
  • And the coup de grace, the Mets may enter the bidding for the Japanese Babe Ruth Shohei Otani.

In addition to that, the likeable and infectious new Mets manager Mickey Callaway has been making the rounds. He’s talking about keeping players accountable, including but not limited to getting Yoenis Cespedes to drink water.

I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that this flurry of big ticket names and moves Mets fans have been clamoring for, happened just as the team begins selling single game tickets this morning:

It’s also purely coincidental the Mets are making this push a season after attendance dropped, ticket prices rose, and the team lost 92 games.

There was also the premier of Mets Hot Stove Show on SNY last night, and all those big name players were prominently discussed in great length.

Given how the Mets have been operated post-Madoff, and given the timing of all this great news, color me skeptical. Really, it was just days ago the Mets were talking Wily Peralta.

I’m hoping that all of this exciting news is not just a ruse and that Sandy Alderson has pushed ownership to spend more than what has been reported. How awesome would that be? Maybe the reports are all wrong.

Still, I’m not rushing to go out and buy tickets today just yet. If the Mets truly want my business, and for me to go to more than just a few games, go get one of those aforementioned players. Better yet, get a couple of them and build a World Series contender. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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