DeRosa “Disappointed” He Missed Out On Mets Manager

Mark DeRosa was reportedly the sixth candidate for the Mets managerial position, but ultimately lost out on the job to Mickey Callaway.

DeRosa, 42, played 16 years in the majors and currently works as a personality on MLB Network’s MLB Central. He is also a regular on Mike Francesa’s show on WFAN. While he has no prior coaching experience, DeRosa still felt disappointed he missed out on the job, though he understood.

“I was humbled by the opportunity,” DeRosa said. “They reached out about two weeks ago and flew down to Atlanta. I met with (general manager) Sandy (Alderson) and his staff and really enjoyed the time we spent together and talked it through.”

One of his regrets was not laying out a bigger plan for what he would do as Mets manager, DeRosa told Francesa, but said that Alderson offered him so quality feedback.

“Sandy was amazing,” DeRosa said. “I spoke to him at length when he called and told me that Mickey Callaway was going to get the job. And I was honest with him, I said, ‘Hey, anything I could’ve done differently?’ and we went into it. He said as such, ‘You’re not going to win these jobs on just charisma and class.’”

DeRosa pondered what he thought they were looking for, which he believes he will have to practice if he ultimately manages in the future.

“I thought they were looking for someone who was a leader,” he said. “I think they were looking for a collaborative-type effort. I think the sabermetrics is something that — I don’t think it’s an overriding thing, but I think they definitely want to integrate it on a much bigger level. So I felt they wanted to create a team with the manager and try and figure out a way to make a run.

“And I think Mickey gives them that with the pitching experience, what he’s been able to do in Cleveland for the last five years learning under the tutelage of Terry Francona. So I’m not shocked he’s the guy.”

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