3 Up, 3 Down: Mets Take Consecutive Series

3 UP

1.  D’Arnaud Responds

Since he’s been called up, Kevin Plawecki has been a dramatically different player. With each and every hit he gets, he puts more pressure on Travis d’Arnaud, and really the Mets organization as the team looks to decide who will be the catcher in 2018.

Well, d’Arnaud has answered the challenge. Since Plawecki has been called up, d’Arnaud is hitting .298/.353/.489.

Coincidentally, the last time we saw d’Arnaud have a prolonged stretch like this at the plate was 2015. His backup? Kevin Plawecki.

2. Lugo Gets Through a Third Time

Whether it has been the tear in his UCL, another unknown reason, or a combination of any of the above, Seth Lugo has been unable to get through the lineup a third time.

This season, opposing batters are hitting .363/.413/.488 off Lugo the third time through. This has generally led to Lugo getting knocked out of the game, and at times, the Mets losing the lead.

On Friday the Reds, who have a fairly formidable lineup, turned the lineup over in the top of the fifth. Lugo yielded just one single while recording four outs.

With that, not only did Lugo survive a trip through a lineup a third time, but Terry Collins also didn’t push Lugo too far. The end result was six scoreless innings leading to a 5-1 victory.

3. Walk This Way

Since Brandon Nimmo was forced into the everyday lineup due to all the injuries, he has continued to find ways on base.

Since August 23rd, he’s behind only Mike Trout and Joey Votto in walks drawn. He’s also 10th in OBP and ninth in runs scored.

Add to that his two home run game, and you have someone who can be a real player for the Mets next year.


1. Nationals First to Clinch

This was supposed to be the year the Mets reclaimed the National League East from the Nationals. Instead, everything went wrong for the Mets, and the team is now fighting with the Phillies for fourth place.

It’s not just a story of health. The Nationals have seen Bryce HarperAdam EatonStephen StrasburgJayson Werth, and Koda Glover face significant injuries. They’ve overcome those injuries as well as others that have surfaced to win their fourth National League East title in six years.

Overall, the Nationals were just a much better constructed and stronger-willed team than the Mets.

2. Who’s This Familia?

From the minute the ball left Conor Gillaspie‘s bat, Jeurys Familia has been unrecognizable.

He went from a durable reliable closer who did anti-domestic violence commercials to a player suspended for domestic violence, had surgery to remove a blood clot in his pitching shoulder, and just bad out of the pen.

With his eighth inning meltdown yesterday, he’s now 1-2 with a 5.71 ERA and just three saves in 2017.

Clearly, this is not the same guy Mets fans have seen the past three years. Hopefully that Familia returns next year because this one isn’t good.

3. Collins is No Howe

When Art Howe was on the way out in 2004, he did what was best for the Mets. He sought to develop David Wright rather than play a more seasoned Ty Wigginton in a vain attempt to win games.

Young and interesting players like Jeff Keppinger and Eric Valent got extended playing time.

Conversely, Collins would rather go down fighting trying to get more wins instead of doing the honorable thing Howe did.

That’s why we get Jose Reyes leading off instead of Nimmo. Why we don’t see a rookie in the lineup until the fifth spot most nights. It’s why we get some of the contained bizarre bullpen decisions we saw yesterday. Any remaining wins this season mean absolutely nothing, but each and every inning could be used to develop a youngster.

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