Finding a Trade Partner for Curtis Granderson

Assuming the New York Mets are now content to keep Asdrubal Cabrera for next season, the team has one last trade piece — Curtis Granderson. Thriving since May, it would seem that Granderson could be a nice, veteran outfield piece for a contender to have down the stretch, but the market has been slow to develop for him.

Here are some teams that can and should make a move for Granderson, especially since it won’t cost much to get him:

Baltimore Orioles

Left for dead just a few weeks ago, the Orioles have climbed themselves back into the playoff race. A struggling Mark Trumbo at DH combined with a lack of outfield depth makes them a nice landing spot for Granderson. The Orioles and Mets have discussed outfielders in the past.

Kansas City Royals

The Royals are content on making one final playoff push, and could use another outfielder to get there. The team has an up-and-down Jorge Bonifacio in right field and Alex Gordon in left field, who has been one of baseball’s worst hitters this season. Granderson doesn’t exactly fit the team’s contact-first hitting approach, but he would upgrade the outfield group.

Minnesota Twins

Once sellers, the Twins have managed to stay alive and are now in the thick of the Wild Card race. While Minnesota has a clear starter at each outfield spot, they lack a strong outfield bench bat. Considering they can get him cheap, adding Granderson to this young group would be a worthwhile investment.

Pittsburgh Pirates

With yet another injury to Gregory Polanco, the Pirates have a hole in right field that Granderson could fill. While it makes sense on paper, the biggest issue is probably that the Pirates are 4.5 games back of the NL Central lead and may soon view themselves as out of contention.

Seattle Mariners

A rash of injuries has Seattle trending in the wrong direction lately, but the Mariners are one hot streak away from surging back to the top of the Wild Card race. The team is solid but unproven and often injured in the outfield. Granderson would give Seattle some stability and at worst would be a good bench bat.

Tampa Bay Rays

Since the July 31 trade deadline, the Rays have mostly slipped in the Wild Card race but are still alive. An injury to Kevin Kiermaier and the abrupt “retirement” of Colby Rasmus has left them thin in the outfield. Granderson could be a reserve at all outfield spots or even start if the Rays move things around. He’d also give this young team a veteran who has been through a playoff race.

Washington Nationals

With Bryce Harper going down, this makes the most sense, but it’s probably the least likely scenario. It would be a shock to see the Mets willing to help the Nationals without receiving a good prospect in return. That’s not something Granderson will fetch.

Granderson is hitting .228/.331/.473 with 18 home runs and 48 RBIs this season. He has a 111 wRC+ and 1.6 WAR in 110 games and will be a free agent when the season is over.

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