My DraftKings Mets Bucket List Experience

How lucky can you get! On Sunday, me and my brother had the pleasure of joining DraftKings’ to enjoy and take-in a once in a lifetime opportunity through their bucket list experiences. DraftKings’ innovative contest program is literally bringing fans inside the game this MLB season and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

Upon arrival, we were given the VIP treatment by our lovely and friendly host Alex from the New York Mets, who gave us a fascinating tour of the park including an inside look at the production room and some of the things behind the game that most fans never see. It was totally cool. No, it was insane.

We were joined by the winner of the actual contest who got to throw out the first pitch at the game. The first pitch! Watching the winner revel in this type of intangible reward (really deemed dream scenarios by every sports fan) was incredible and we got to go along for the ride.

The game itself was pretty ugly as the Mets dropped yet another Sunday game, this one to the Colorado Rockies who pounded them for 13 runs. But the DraftKings’ Bucket List experience was the definitely the highlight of the day.

We also got to experience an interesting Terry Collins press conference before the game. The Mets manager was lighthearted and joking around during much of the press conference despite the Mets season being a vast disappointment.

Another highlight was the amazing food and drinks we consumed. From the Steak Pizzaiola to our first taste of the highly acclaimed Cookie DO. The chocolate chip cookie dough is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth, and the sugar cookie dough came in at a close second.

Lucas Duda and Asdrubal Cabrera gave us something to cheer about with home runs in the fourth and fifth innings respectively. We had great seats right behind Duda Smash!

The DraftKings and Mets experience was topped off by a gift bag of Mets swag and a totally a cool Draft Kings shirt. All in all it was an incredible experience and an awesome day!

To learn more about DraftKings, the MLB product and their bucket list experiences visit or and download the mobile app here:

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