OH NO! Adam Rubin Leaves The Mets Beat

Adam Rubin

In a recent tweet, Mets beat reporter for ESPN, Adam Rubin, has announced that he will be leaving the Mets beat as he is changing careers.  After having covered the Mets for the past 15 years for both the New York Daily News and ESPN, Rubin will now work in public relations.

Rubin has been widely considered not just the top Mets beat reporter, but one of the best beat reporters in the country across all sports.  Not only was he among the first to report news, but he was also always accurate in what he reported, making him one of the most trusted on the Mets beat. He was not someone who was willing to sacrifice due diligence for expedience.  He was an example of what all baseball writers should aspire to be.

While the Mets have many other talented beat writers, Rubin leaving is an obvious blow to not only Mets fans, but also to websites such as this one that could rely on his accurate reporting to produce a lot of our content.

Overall, we at MMO wish to thank Adam for the fine work he has done covering the Mets, and we wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

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