Should Five Years For Cespedes Be A Deal Breaker For Mets?

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According to a report in the NY Post by Mike Puma, sources believe that Yoenis Cespedes will command a five-year deal on the open market and receive it.

With Cespedes being the most attractive free agent available this offseason, it seems he may have teams right where he wants them to garner the contract he feels he deserves. The question now becomes if indeed the Mets are willing to go the extra mile to bring back their star player?

It has been widely reported that the team is willing to go as far as a four-year deal at this juncture, spanning just above the $100MM range. General Manager, Sandy Alderson has always been against such long-term deals and it is unknown if he would bring a fifth year to the table.

The Mets have steep competition in retaining the star cuban slugger. With the Giants, Dodgers, Nationals and Yankees all reportedly showing legitimate interest in Yoenis, he has no shortage of suitors.

“Out of the teams that are interested, somebody will offer five years,” a source said. “And [the Nationals] wouldn’t surprise me.”

The Nationals have a knack for wanting to stick it to the Mets as of late. It would make sense on many levels for the Nats to go all in on a player like Cespedes. It is time for the team to step up their efforts and close the deal.

Five years is a lengthy deal but the team is currently within a very special window where winning is a legitimate possibility. They need to go all-in and bring Cespedes back.

He has proven time and time again that he is such a difference maker to this lineup. It is time to open the purse strings and give this franchise what it deserves.

Is that fifth year a deal breaker in bringing Yo home? What do you think?

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