Chipper Jones Picks Mets To Win It All

chipper jones

Well Mets fans, it looks like someone else has jumped on our bandwagon. The latest addition, has been a thorn in the Mets side for years – Chipper Jones.

During an interview this week on the SiriusXM MLB Network Radio Channel, Chipper expressed his admiration for this 2016 Mets team. The topic came about when he was asked if the Braves should structure the team around a new and improved rotation.

“That’s where I would start.” Jones responded. “I think the blueprint is what the New York Mets are doing right now. Obviously it’s hard to come up with three or four guns like the Mets have, whether it’s Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom, Zack Wheeler coming back, Noah Syndergaard and the lefty Matz.”

Chipper also explained what makes the Mets rotation so rare. “They’ve got a whole entire rotation that lives at 94-95 (mph) and has an idea of what they’re doing with their breaking stuff.”

However, Chipper’s praise did not stop there, adding: “They’re really setting the bar and they’re my early-season pick to probably go all the way.”

His comments must have been surprising to both Mets fans and Braves fans alike. But Chipper has always been a stand-up guy and in this case he happens to be right. The Mets have set the blueprint for most rebuilding teams to succeed.

However it was picking the Mets as his World Series favorite that truly resonated from his interview and must have stung rival Braves fans. But who are we to argue. Let’s Go Mets.

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