An MMO Original: A Mets Well-Armed Attack Is Looming

noah syndergaard

Wanna know how to make a statement? Reclaim the division lead in four short days via the long ball, defense, excellent starting pitching, and perhaps the wildest 11th hour trade deadline activity since the last time the Mets made it to the Series in 2000.

What moves. What talent. What precision. I know it’s not premature for that proverbial “attaboy” because what better timing to make a divisional statement than on the heels of the trade deadline?

Jordan Zimmermann is the Nats best hope outside of Max Scherzer at present, and it took four Mets batters to surface the jeer “Who else you got?” Well, unless Scherzer is ready to be 2015’s Madison Bumgarner, Washington may have a little cause for worry.

jacob deGromI say give me those two long haired youngsters, whose last names nobody can ever pronounce right, every day of the week and a doubleheader on Sunday.

And talk about hitting. Do you know what Duda means in Spanish? Doubt. Can you say “paradox?” I’d say there’s little Duda the Mets are getting it done on both sides of the mound.

Sure, the panic button may have been grazed a couple of times in the past couple of months, but there’s no time like everyone else’s dog days to bring a winner to the field.

matt harveyNow that the division lead has been reclaimed, it’s time to cast aside the “pretender” moniker and clamp down. We’re too busy trying to re-set our dropped jaws at Noah Syndergaard, Jacob deGrom and Matt Harvey. And while Jon Niese and Bartolo Colon haven’t been at their best consistently over this fruitful period, there’s not too many teams that can boast a 4 and 5 like those two. And the chances look promising that young Steven Matz will be on hand as well. Can you hear the sizzle?

Ah, the playoffs… Imagine our top four starters in one of the pitcher friendliest parks in the majors all overmatching impatient and fence-aiming hitters in the postseason?

Imagine you’re in Game 5 of a seven game series tied 2-2. The next win puts you at the precipice. How many teams would want to face our Mets pitch in a  Game 5, or better yet, a Game 7? I think we all know the answer to that.

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