Red, White & Dodger Blue

MLB: New York Mets at Los Angeles Dodgers

How about a Norse analogy for the celebration of our own nation’s independence? Noah “Thor” Syndergaard goes into the belly of the beast, Dodger Stadium itself, and matches arguably the greatest pitcher in the league over the past three years.

T’was no rainbow bridge in this tale. Just one of the visitor unfriendliest venues in all of Major League Baseball. If I were to end the 1st half of the season (Game #81) on a note, it would have been the one our Mets did last night.

It’s going to be hard to live up to a win over a Cy Young/MVP winner, but perhaps a matchup between Greinke and Harvey may quell our appetites.

The Yankees have Sinatra to serenade a victory in the Bronx, while the Dodgers have Randy Newman, but as the sun sets over those San Gabriel mountains outside beautiful Chavez Ravine this evening, it’ll hopefully be over a series lead for the Mets.

The bats have been quiet as of late, and that – in and of itself – is a huge understatement, but Dodger Stadium isn’t friendly to bats anyway.

I’m still waiting for that resurgent game from Daniel Murphy since his return from the DL. He’s due for it, and he’s too good of a hitter for it not to happen. Maybe he’ll surprise Greinke or one of the Dodger outfielders in this rare 4:05 p.m. local start.

Anything goes on the west coast in this rare time frame. No marine layer, yet, and a sun to battle like a pestering fly too big to swat. Are the odds good these will affect us as well? Of course they are, but hey, we won the start probably every Mets fan chalked up as “the loss to get out of the way.” Now, if we can leave Chavez Ravine with two or even (dare I say) three victories, we’ll have shown a promising preview of a possible playoff matchup.

So when the Mets go back to the ocean being on their right side instead of their left, they’ll have the solace of this weekend to motivate them as they chase their curly W nemesis from the nation’s capital.