MMO Di-Jest: An Open Letter To Commissioner-Elect Rob Manfred


Dear Mr. Manfred,

First let me congratulate you on having been elected the next Commissioner of Baseball.  I’d like to say I was your biggest supporter but you were my third choice behind Bob Costas and Mike Greenberg.  (I also have a soft spot for baseball’s official historian, John Thorn.  But John is getting up there age-wise, like myself, and we need some younger legs for that job).

I am not overly optimistic that you will be reading this letter because commissioners and commish-elects have better things to do than read baseball blogs.  But perhaps your undersecretary in charge of National League East affairs might stumble upon this and bring it to your attention.

I also know that what I am writing you about may not be atop your priority list since you have big issues to get at like shortening the length of games and retraining the Wrigley Field grounds crew in the proper way to cover the infield with a tarp.

But what I am discussing is important to me and certainly to the thousands, perhaps millions, of Mets fans in New York and the rest of the country.

Put simply you just have to help us get rid of the Wilpons as owners of the New York Mets.

We hate them – I should make that – HATE them and need someone with clout to make them go away.  And the commissioner of baseball is the cloutiest guy I can think of.

We’re all familiar with the fact that Bud Selig and the Wilpons have been tight for decades.  And, of course, we know that you owe your new job to Commissioner Bud.  So we’re hoping that he hasn’t made protecting the Wilpons a chit that he plans to cash. We have to hope that you are an independent agent when it comes to pushing bad owners out.

I can’t imagine baseball benefits from having a New York huge market franchise with one of the lowest payrolls in the game.  Your job (starting in January as I understand it) is to grow the game so that its popularity is ever increasing so the profits for owners and players increase too.

As a fan I can’t vote out the Wilpons.  Believe me I would if I could and would have zillions of people on line with me at the polls.  All we can do is avoid going to Mets home games so as not to fill the till for Jeff and Fred.  But I am only one man and can only not go to one game at a time.  I have succeeded in not going to any Citi Field games this year but must confess that in a moment of weakness I did attend a Mets-at-Rockies game.  Zack Wheeler, the bad one who preceded the now good one, got rocked early and often.  So I suppose my indiscretion was justly punished.

Having started watching baseball in the mid 1950s going to games with my father at the Polo Grounds I just don’t have an unlimited amount of time to wait for the Mets to accidentally get good again.

Sure the team has a pretty frisky farm system right now but it’s pitching heavy and every year we ship a couple of guys out for Tommy John surgery.  Without a reasonable payroll  (I’d love to see what Sandy Alderson could do with a $120 million payroll) I think the club is sentenced to one frustrating sub -.500 season after another.

You’re our best hope Mr. Commissioner-Elect.  Please don’t let us down.  Force the Wilpons out.  We’ll take our chance with whatever comes after that.

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