Wheeler Wonders Why Mets Wouldn’t Spend Money

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Kevin Kernan of the New York Post,spoke to Zack Wheeler who has his own thoughts about what the Mets should do as far as spending this offseason.

“How could you not spend money?” Wheeler said to Kernan. “You’re in New York. I know the Wilpons. I’ve been around them awhile now. I know they want to win. It’s just a matter of putting the right pieces together, formulating it all and making a winner.’’

Wheeler also expressed his hope that he doesn’t get traded this offseason, the second time he’s made such a plea in a week.

“I don’t want to be traded,” Wheeler told Kernan. “We’re only going to get better when the guys we got here get more experience and spend a little bit of money, making trades, get some better bats and stuff.”

Yes Zack, we’re in New York, but obviously you haven’t been around the Wilpons long enough to know that they aren’t and haven’t been spending money.

And even when they were spending money it was because they were getting 15-20% growth on their funds when the rest of the country was getting 3-7%. Then the scheme fell apart.

Listen Zack, why do you think the team needs to unload Bartolo Colon‘s contract?

Why is Daniel Murphy a part of every trade rumor and hasn’t even been confronted about an extension?

Why do you think they traded Ike Davis ($3.5MM)  instead of Lucas Duda ($1.6MM)? (At least we got lucky on that one.)

Why do you think payroll went down $10 million from 2013 when all the propaganda the previous season trumpeted that it would go up?

And as for whether you’ll get traded my dear boy, it will depend on just how good you are moving forward and whether you price yourself out of the Mets plans via arbitration. Just like Murphy did, and just like Duda will a year from now.

How could you not spend money? You’re in New York? Why can’t we a build a winner?

Great questions, Zack… But don’t look for the answers inside the clubhouse, you won’t find them there.

We’ve been asking the same questions for the better part of six seasons – all losing seasons at that. Believe me, it comes easy to these owners.

Despite record revenues from their cable and blog networks, and a $30 million dollar infusion from MLB for the new national TV contract this past Spring, not a DIME went toward improving the team’s roster. Instead we saw more slashing.

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