MMO Fan Shot: It’s Time; Make A Move, Sandy!

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An MMO fan Shot by Joe Santarelli-Hansen

Four years have passed since the current front office led by general manager Sandy Alderson have taken charge. During his first three trade deadlines with the Mets, Sandy has never done anything to improve the major league roster although under his leadership the farm system has shown vast improvement.

As die-hard Mets fans, we live and die with this team, hanging onto the faintest of hopes that we can make a run for the postseason. In a year where the NL East is still up for grabs, the opportunity is present for the Mets to make the kinds of moves which would help to increase our chances for one of those wild card spots.

Both Sandy and Terry Collins would have all of us believe that this team as currently constructed is a legitimate contender. When an organization is serious and believes in their teams’ ability to win, moves are usually made to shore up the possibility of a playoff run and increase the team’s chances.

With both the Braves or the Nationals unable to secure the top spot in the division, the Mets still have as good a chance as any other NL East team of making a strong and sustainable run as the first half comes to a close. But why not make that more attainable with a trade to help improve what has been a very inconsistent lineup? Sometimes Sandy Alderson confuses even the best of us.

It’s time to stop moving the goal posts and cut bait with the idea that “next year is our year” and finally make a trade of impact that benefits the Major League team both now and in the future.

If the Mets are around five games back in the division come late July, a trade needs to be made to not only help boost the current playoff run, but the future of the team as well. And by that I mean no one year rentals, but players that offer immediate impact now and remain a good fit in 2015 as well.

With a healthy Matt Harvey leading the Mets rotation next year, the further development of Travis d’Arnaud and Juan Lagares, and the young power arms in the pen, this team could really be a significant force with the addition of just one big bat.

Possible targets could include Carlos Gonzalez, Troy Tulowitzki, Giancarlo Stanton and Jose Bautista just to name a few.

All of these players are All-Star caliber offensive players, though none of them will hurt the Mets defensively, either. It is not known, or set in stone at the moment, which players may actually become available come the trade deadline, though as the Rockies continue to fall, CarGo could certainly be made available.

The New York Mets should not hesitate to pull the trigger on a trade, as long as the demand is not astronomically high.

Possible prospects that the team could look to offer in a trade include Rafael Montero, Steven Matz, Dilson Herrera, Kevin Plawecki and possibly Noah Syndergaard – if a Stanton or Tulo become available.

Our biggest need as a franchise right now is a bona fide middle of the order type bat and there’s no immediate help on the way from the farm. Acquiring any of those above players would help this team immensely.

As a franchise that continues to fuel a feeling of apathy and mistrust from their fan base, acquiring a Giancarlo Stanton or Troy Tulowitzki type player would not only impact the team in a positive way, but would also show the fan base that winning is indeed a priority and that post season aspirations are entirely possible again in Queens.

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This Fan Shot was contributed by Joe Santarelli-Hansen and initially submitted on June 12. While some of the names and points made may not be as relevant now as they were a month ago, the sentiment embodied in this post is as true now as it was back then.

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