David Wright Takes Night Shift As Barber


In an article on ESPN.com, Adam Rubin noted a funny incident that happened in the Mets clubhouse on Sunday. Apparently Jacob deGrom hit a ball while taking batting practice that just missed hitting David Wright who was stretching on the field.

As payback, the Mets captain snuck up on deGrom with a pair of scissors and cut a lock of his long flowing hair. He then took the flow of hair and stuck it on a poster of deGrom that hangs in the clubhouse. Apparently deGrom had given Wright permission, but Wright still felt the need to be ‘sneaky’.


The poster, which features an outline of deGrom’s head and hair with the phrase #HAIRWEGO was placed in between lockers in the clubhouse. It was created by the Mets’ social media team and has been used as a promotional graphic.

This homestand has provided fans with more positive vibes and fun than we’ve had in a long while and it’s great to see that reflected in the players as well. A team that wins is a team that is having fun and it’s great for team chemistry. Let’s see the team carry it into the second half.

In the meantime, let’s root on Daniel Murphy in Minnesota this week. It’s been a lot fun to be a fan of the orange and blue in recent weeks!

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