Rafael Montero Struggles Through Latest Start in Las Vegas

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Questions regarding Rafael Montero will certainly start to surface after his latest outing on Monday night.  In his second start for Las Vegas after his demotion, Montero lasted just three innings giving up six runs.  It was his shortest outing all season in both the major leagues and the minor leagues.

Montero worked fairly well in his first inning of work giving up just one hit with a walk.  It was in the second inning when things started to fall apart.  A fielding error, three hits, and a balk later, would have the 51’s in an early 2-0 hole.

The third inning, which would be Montero’s last, was far worse.  The first out wasn’t recorded until the fifth batter reached the batter’s box.  After getting some assistance with a double play, it looked as if the inning was coming to a close with some minor damage.  Montero then proceeded to give up two more hits pushing across two more runs, making the hole even deeper at 6-0, which ended his night in disappointing fashion.

Montero’s line on Monday: 3.0 IP, 7 H, 6 R, 1 ER, 2 BB, 3 K (74 pitches, 46 Strikes)

In his two starts with Las Vegas, Montero have given up nine runs and 13 hits in 8.1 innings.  Is it a case of just not having as good of stuff as we all believe he does, or is it something larger than that?  A pitching prospect getting promoted is as exciting for all of us as it is for him in some ways.  We celebrate all of the successes and learn to get over the disappointments as they do.  The biggest difference is we move on and they are stuck having to work their way back and deal with much more mentally then any of us can imagine.

Was it too early to have Montero make the jump to the majors?  Is it possible that he is having a harder time dealing with the demotion?  Is he injured?  There are certainly plenty of questions that will need to be answered by Montero over his next couple of starts in Triple-A, if there is any chance he returns back to the majors this season.


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