Mets Not Happy With Friday’s Play At The Plate

Play at the plate

Adam Rubin of ESPN NY writes that Sandy Alderson disassociated himself Friday from the blocking-the-plate rule enacted by Major League Baseball this season even though he serves as chairman of the rules committee that influenced it.

Rubin adds that the only person visibly livid in the clubhouse was Alderson and the GM implied after the game that he already had been in touch with Major League Baseball, “Just to make sure that we all understand what the rule is and how it’s going to be applied,” says Alderson.

Alderson added that the blocking-the-plate rule ultimately enacted was not the one recommended by the MLB rules committee he chairs.

The issue started after Marlins left fielder Marcell Ozuna threw out David Wright in the eighth inning attempting to score from second base, after a single by Eric Campbell and in the ninth, Kirk Nieuwenhuis was his second victim, trying to tag up on a would-be sac fl by Chris Young, which resulted in the final out of the game.

The Mets disputed the call on David Wright, even though the throw beat him by 10 feet, but Collins challenged the play asserting that Marlins catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia had not provided a lane for Wright to slide. After a 1-minute, 47-second review, the plate umpire Lance Barrett ruled on the field that the play would stand and the Mets bid to tie the game at 3-3 was lost.

After the game Rubin adds that the Mets, in a mostly calm manner, criticized the inconsistent application of the blocking-the-plate rule.

“The rule that is currently written is the product of a negotiation between the players’ association and Major League Baseball,” Alderson said. “It is not the rule that was written by the playing-rules committee. Beyond that I can’t really comment on the plays tonight because it would compromise my league-wide position as chairman of the playing-rules committee.”

“I do have a couple of thoughts as general manager of the Mets that I can’t really share tonight,” Alderson added.

You can read Rubin’s full article here.

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