MMO Morning Grind: Losing Sucks, Time For Terry To Go

terry collins

Here it is, almost two weeks from Memorial Day – you know, the unofficial point where you learn who the contenders and pretenders are – and the Mets find themselves all alone and in last place with a 16-19 record.

“Losing sucks,” David Wright said after Saturday night’s loss. “We’re just not getting it done.”

Gee, ya think?

Wright stood there in stunned disbelief after he popped out to end the game with the tying run on second, and you could cut the tension with a knife. There was the captain – frozen – while the two teams left the field. I felt sorry for him.

As usual, the Mets captain was in the thick of it yesterday, driving a two run homer an a double to account for three of the Mets four runs. But one player does not a team make.

I don’t want to hear about how hard the Mets hit the ball and their great PPO (or whatever the heck it’s called), please spare me the rhetoric and excuses.

The bullpen is as inconsistent and awful as always.

Our $60 million dollar man, Curtis Granderson, is batting .187 with a .590 OPS.

Terry Collins has lost his faith in Chris Young – so much so that when the Mets desperately needed a long drive last night, he had him bunt in the ninth inning. Yes, bunt.

“He’s been struggling the last few games,” Collins said of Young. “I thought, ‘Hey, we’ll get somebody in scoring position.’ ”

40-year old Bobby Abreu is batting .167 and was called upon to pinch hit for the can’t-miss, number one catching prospect in baseball. Remember him? Terry Collins has buried Travis d’Arnaud‘s confidence into the ground. By batting him ahead of Tejada or the pitcher for his entire time with the team, he put our top hitting prospect in a position to fail.

“Any time you have a losing streak, you’re not worried,” Collins said. “You’ve just got to battle out of it.”

I told you re-signing Collins was a bad idea…. After watching a week’s worth of his agonizing late-game decisions, I know that you see it too. Finally. Welcome to the club.

Where are all of Terry’s veterans now?

Look at them all; Abreu, Farnsworth, Dice-K, Valverde, Lannan….

None of those were veteran signings, by the way.

Each one was a late off-season, scrapheap acquisition that wreaked of desperation and a team that is still flat broke.

Worse yet, they each undermined our so-called rebuilding progress. They each blocked younger and better players who were supposed to make this season our transitional year.

They say a team is never as bad as they look during a losing streak, but this just feels awful…

This just feels like 50 shades of ugly…

It’s May 11th and the Mets are in last place after five straight losing seasons.

Remember Davey Johnson? You know – the last manager to lead this franchise to a World Series Championship almost 30 years ago?

“You are what your record says you are.”

I can’t argue with a genius.


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