Francesa Calls Mets Jackasses For Boycotting WFAN


A team source told Justin Tasch of the Daily News that the Mets were not “boycotting” WFAN, rather trying to build up their new radio relationship with WOR.

Mike Francesa blasted the Mets on Monday and unleashed one of his signature tirades against the franchise whom he referred to as “jackasses” for banning them

“It’s just ridiculous. The Mets are acting like jackasses. They really are,” Francesa said. “They get what they deserve. I hope there’s 10,000 people at Citi Field in a couple of days. You can quote me: jackasses. You hear me?”

“By banning guys from the show, it’s just stupid. Their poor manager, who they’ll probably boot out the door any day, is not allowed on the show. Sandy (Alderson) makes moves, he’s not allowed on the show. Even Keith’s not allowed on the show. I mean, you’re banning Keith Hernandez from the show. It’s utter nonsense.”

“No wonder you have to run around and put out fires about Saul Katz wanting to sell. If I was Saul I’d want to sell the franchise too, the way things were going. You know what? I’ve had enough of the Mets.”

This is merely backlash from the Mets switching to their new broadcast partner. But it was WFAN that severed ties with the Mets and not the other way around.

Francesa takes much joy in criticizing the team and hammering them whenever he could. On rare occasions his rants have merit, but the majority of the time he’s just a windbag full of hot air who frequently displays how shallow his baseball IQ really is.


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