3 Up & 3 Down: Rocky Mountain High

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If I changed my name to “Captain Obvious” I would have said that the Mets were hoping to start the month of May the way they ended April.  With a rainout.  I kid I kid.  Things were certainly going right before the calender changed as the Mets took two out of three from the Marlins, and won the first game of the short two-game series against the Phillies.  I am not sure if it was the in-flight movie or too much turbulence, but things certainly changed when they landed in Denver.  Our beloved boys in blue and orange hobbled away winning just one of four against the Rockies.  During the series there were some high-points and there were some low-points.  I will offer a few of each, in my first attempt at “3 Up & 3 Down”.

3 UP

O-M-Gee:  Sorry I had to.  I probably could have come up with something a little less corny but it is a bit too late.  Dillon Gee had another tremendous outing Sunday throwing six scoreless with five punch-outs.  Gee is now 3-1 over his last four starts and is in the midst of a little bit of a “no runs allowed” streak.  The streak reached 16-innings after Sunday’s outing.  He did have the benefit of Troy Tulowitzki‘s day of rest, but I don’t think it would have mattered.  As soon as he got himself into a little jam, he was able to get himself out of it.  This is an amazing stretch by D.G. and I hope it continues (Captain Obvious again).

We “Juan” It To Continue: Ok so another corny intro.  This is my first attempt and I promise that it will get better.  Juan Lagares extended his hit streak to 13-games right off the rip with a base-hit to start the game on Sunday.  If you are going to continue a streak you might as well get it done early.  Lagares would add two more hits and would finish the series 8-for-20 scoring three runs.  It was his first series back and he is certainly making a case for himself to play everyday.  It is going to be interesting to see how this all develops and our ideas on how it should go will probably not coincide with Terry Collins‘ ideas which will open it all up for debate. He needs to be in there everyday until proven otherwise.

Granderson:  Chalk it up to the thin air in Denver or whatever other reason you can come up with, but Curtis Granderson is starting to hit.  It has been a long time coming and I am sure nobody wanted to break out of this more than Curtis himself, but things are starting to look up.  Granderson extended his little hit-streak to five games on Sunday, and went 6-for-16 in the series, belting a home run and driving in five.  I understand that the ball will travel at Coors Field, but air doesn’t help you hit the ball on the screws, and that is what he has been doing.  There were flashes of this happening near the end of April and now could be the “breakout” we have all been waiting for.


I Can’t Leave This “Colon”:  I was hoping to be proven wrong and there is still time, but Bartolo Colon was just not good in his start in the Colorado series.  Colon lasted just 4.2 innings allowing seven runs on ten hits.  I wasn’t able to watch the game as intently as some of the others, but I just couldn’t have the “uninterested” thought leave my head while watching him pitch.  I understand he has this care-free attitude about him and at times he looks like he is just enjoying what he is doing which I get.  What I don’t get is the “effort”.  I am really not one to criticize someone that does something I could never do, and it might be a little unfair after a poor outing, but I can’t help it.  I am trying not to put too much stock in a pitcher getting knocked around in a ballpark famous for that, and he is only six starts into this thing, but I am not seeing this ending well.  However, the optimist in me says “Hey he does have 25 starts left this season.  It can all even out in the end because baseball has a habit of doing that.”

Is It Farns”worth” Looking Elsewhere For a Closer?  We all knew losing Bobby Parnell was going to raise questions about who would fill the role he left behind.  Kyle Farnsworth is the latest one to try his hand.  I can’t say that he wasn’t worthy of it at first (since options were kind of limited), but he showed why he isn’t the answer on Saturday.  As we all are aware the Mets squandered away a 6-run lead.  We also know that they battled their way back to regain the lead only to see it go bye-bye thanks to a walk-off home run by the Rockies’ Charlie Culberson, that was given up by Farnsworth.  He has closer experience but I don’t feel he is the guy for the job at this stage in his career.  It is still tough to say who could step in, but if I am basing it off of performance this series and perhaps his last five, I am thinking Jeurys Familia should be given a shot.  His control might have been an issue, but he has walked just one batter in that span.  It may not be the most popular choice but it could be the most deserving right now.

Wheeler/Mejia:  I have to say at first I was a bit hesitant to do this.  As fans we put so much pressure on youngsters to become superstars or our saviors.  A bad start here or there isn’t going to define their careers, but might just remind us that they are humans and are entitled to a few slip-ups every once in a while.  Zack Wheeler was coming off his best start of the season his last time out against the Miami Marlins.  We all hoped that was just going to be the start of an amazing run but it wasn’t.  He had a lackluster performance on Friday and proved that there is still work to be done. I would like to see the amount of batters reaching base one way or another go down a touch, as we all would, but his upside is still just too great to ignore.  Jenrry Mejia had a tremendous run to start the season.  His last two starts, not so much.  Mejia found himself on the business end of a disastrous inning Saturday in Colorado.  The 5th inning started with a home run against Mejia and his outing ended in the 5th with a grand slam.  When it was all said and down he gave up a career-worst eight runs. I am going to say that the location has something to do with their respective outings and we can’t rush to judgement based on that.  Plenty of starts left this season for the both of them and the best is yet to come.

There was plenty of good and bad that could be taken out of this series against the Rockies.  These happen to be my few.  Hopefully the Mets can carry the momentum from Sunday’s win to Miami for the next series against the Marlins.

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