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Nothing is very new about the New York Mets… it has been another up and down week yet again. From pummeling the Diamondbacks to nearly getting swept by the Braves, the mystery of how the Mets go from performing like All-Stars on the road to playing like a little league team at home will likely remain unsolved for a while. Yet, with a surplus of under-performance comes three players who shine and make the week their own: our MMO Players of the Week!

USATSI_ david wright by brad barr


Oh Captain, my Captain! David Wright is finally starting to look like the David Wright we know and love. Currently riding an 11 game hitting streak, Wright was quite literally all of the Mets offense for the past few days. Not only did he record the only hit in an embarrassing game on Friday night, but he has had back-to-back three hit games and has driven in four of the Mets’ last nine runs in the previous two days; not to mention recording six hits during the series with the DBacks and driving in three runs. Per the Mets, Wright has amassed 18 hitting streaks of 10 or more hits in his career, which is a club record.

Although Curtis Granderson is not providing the protection we thought he would, Wright continues to chip away and get on base any way he can. His hitting streak may be a fairly quiet one, but he is the only one consistently hitting at the moment. Of course, we cannot conclude the offensive portion of this paragraph without giving a hefty shoutout to Bartolo Colon‘s absolutely hilarious at-bat from Saturday night’s game that has screenshots of his flubbing faces swirling around the baseball twitterverse. Here’s to enjoying many more Bartolo (and Wright!) at-bats throughout the season!

USATSI daniel murphy


Make no issue of the paternity leave now! Daniel Murphy has clearly moved past the asinine accusations of “softness” from radio critics and self proclaimed twitter critics alike, putting on a fantastic show in the middle infield this week. He completely stole the show Monday night, making three gorgeous plays all worthy of the highlight reel. He made another beautiful play Wednesday night and has been very consistent in the field all week. Murphy has shaped up to be a wonderful defensive second baseman. For all of his streaky ways, Murph’s range has really improved and will only continue to improve as the season goes on. He is all but guaranteed to turn that double play and is fantastic at executing it. Murphy’s defense is nothing to look past; it is certainly worth appreciating having a defenseman we can trust when it comes to flashing the leather on any type of play.

dillon gee


Now this is the Gee we have been waiting to see! Dillon Gee put on a spectacular show Wednesday night, tossing seven beautiful innings of three-hit ball. Perhaps the most outstanding aspect of his performance was the fact that he walked no batters at all: a sign of very respectful control. His fastball was very well placed and he hit all of his spots throughout the night, inducing the pop up when he needed it and jamming up hitters whenever he could. His curveball was incredibly accurate, painting the corner various times to freeze hitters.

Gee was in so much control that he did not even allow a hit until the 5th inning. Wondrously, he did not implode in the 6th inning as he so often does, and tossed a mere 72 pitches through seven innings; however Collins, mindful of Gee’s tendency to deteriorate in late innings, rightfully pulled him from the game to end his start on a high note. It would have been interesting if Collins had left him in the game to see if Gee had honed on his pitching late in the game, but with the track record the Mets have with embarrassing ways to lose, Collins made the right choice; even though Valverde gave us a huge scare in the bottom of the 9th!


Kirk Nieuwenhuis had a fantastic night on both sides of the coin his first night back, going 3-for-5 with 3 RBI and a spectacular diving catch. It is great to see that Kirk has worked on his plate presence, honing on his aggressiveness and adding the element of timely hitting. However, with the Mets announcing the promotion of Bobby Abreu, it is likely that either he or Andrew Brown will get the boot and be sent back down to Vegas.

Daisuke Matsuzaka has made for a positive addition to the Mets’ bullpen, tossing three critical scoreless innings while striking out five in the Mets’ extra-inning victory on Easter Sunday. Dice-K is a wonderful addition to the bullpen, proving to be a worthy go-to long reliever and a guy you certainly would not mind using back to back days for a few innings at a time. His role with the team may be changing compared to last year, but the contributions he gives are more revered in the bullpen.

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