MMO Fan Shot: Trades, Desperation and Learning to Let Go

sandy alderson

An MMO Fan Shot by Dave In Spain

Sometime this season the Mets may be faced with a difficult decision: Faced with dramatically declining attendance and fan outrage (or worse, apathy), do they give up a player who is a top prospect or fan favorite in order to acquire desperately needed improvements or radically re-structure the team? (Willingness to take on extra salary with an acquired player is a subject for another post.) Or do they let the brand continue to languish while waiting for prospects to develop?

Sandy Alderson´s history has been to assign a value to a player and stick with it come hell or high water. Whether it´s Ike Davis or Daniel Murphy, or Stephen Drew on the receiving end, he has so far been unwilling to budge.

But at what point does he say ¨Maybe I misjudged¨ or ¨Maybe it´s time to bend a little for the good of the organization as a whole¨? Or ¨Maybe this player just isn’t the player we thought he was¨.

The Mets have avoided desperation moves so far, but at what point do they bite the bullet and give up more than they feel is appropriate to improve the team or win back the fanbase?

With desperation comes loss of trade leverage– Sandy knows this and so do the other GMs. Other teams smell blood in the water, and salivate at the young pitching the Mets have. This isn´t going to get any better until the Mets start winning, but the Catch-22 is that the Mets might not start winning until they make some tough decisions as far as player acquisitions go.

And as fans, we too will have to learn to let go of a player who might be a personal favorite, like Murphy, Rafael Montero, or Zack Wheeler, if in the objective view a trade improves the team overall.

And we´ll have to recognize that it´s not always the individual players that matter, but how the whole roster is put together and whether that brings us closer to a championship.

You may not think that a player being acquired is worth what you give up, but maybe it´s a necessary deal to move the team forward.

It´s easy to see that something isn’t working with the Mets. The challenge in the end will be having the courage to make the hard decisions to change that dynamic and move the team forward rather than moving the goal posts.

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