This Day In Mets Infamy With Rusty: Random Thoughts Edition

ruben tejada

So here we stand a week from opening day and there are still as many questions as there are answers. Who’s on first? Will Ruben Tejada be the starting shortstop come March 31st – or will the solution come via trade or free agent signing? ( I’m looking at you Stephen Drew !!) And can Jonathon Niese stay healthy for an entire season ?

But I have other questions, observations and random thoughts – and here are but a few…..

I wish that the local sports media would stop making mountains out of molehills. Whether it was the situation with Matt Harvey this past week, or pressing David Wright after Ervin Santana signed with the Braves, it’s a case of causing a frenzy amongst the fanbase over non-issues. We all know that Santana was not coming here and I know that the crux of the argument is the Mets willingness or ability to add payroll, but at this point – who cares?

I don’t care what Terry Collins and Sandy Alderson say in public – Juan Lagares has to be the everyday centerfielder. Platoon the “Young Ones” in left field if you have to but we need his glove in the everyday lineup.

Even with his 3-3 performance on Saturday I believe Ruben Tejada is not the answer at shortstop.

Bartolo Colon will be worth his weight in gold – especially for the Mets concession outlets.

I love the fact that the Mets hierarchy are hoping/expecting a 90 win season this year, but I think the team will top out at around 84 wins. You want 90 wins you import a Drew who will save you runs defensively and create runs offensively. That is unless Wilmer Flores can win over the Mets coaches and allow him to play shortstop everyday.

I am happy with what I have seen from Ike Davis so far – I hope he proves me wrong.

And lastly… If neither Tejada or Flores pan out at shortstop and the Mets are unable to swing a trade or sign Drew –  well maybe they should consider luring Edgardo Alfonzo out of retirement. Hey the Tigers are considering luring Omar Vizquel out of retirement so why not Fonzie? Think about it.

And with that said….. HERE COMES THE INFAMY !!!!!

Mets alumni celebrating a birthday today includes:

Reserve outfielder from the ’75 season, Jesus Alou is 72 (1942).

Shortstop and utility-man from the ’91 season, Garry Templeton is 58 (1956).

Other transactions of note include:

The New York Mets traded outfielder, Derrell Griffith to the Houston Astros for shortstop, Sandy Alomar on March 24, 1967.

The New York Mets traded beloved shortstop, Bud Harrelson to the Philadelphia Phillies for minor league second baseman, Fred Andrews on March 24, 1978.

The New York Mets traded utility-man, Lou Collier to the Montreal Expos for outfielder, Jason Bay and  minor league pitcher, Jim Serrano on March 24, 2002. Let’s not even get into the enigma that is Jason Bay!!!

Bartolo Colon can put Mo Vaughn to shame in the 50 yard dash!!!

This past Wednesday night on the “Shouts From Shea Podcast” Steve Keane of “The Kranepool Society and myself welcomed Michael Baron from MetsBlog and Michael Dougherty of “The Slurve” newsletter as our special guests.

We discussed everything from the latest Matt Harvey “controversy” to who will win the contest to be the starting everyday first baseman and if Ruben Tejada will be the starting shortstop come Opening Day.

Click here to listen

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