A Fiery Alderson Says A 90 Win Season Is The Goal

sandy alderson

Sandy Alderson continues to push his 90 wins mantra and said today that it wasn’t just an expectation, but the goal and a challenge for Terry Collins and the team.

“It wasn’t a guarantee. It wasn’t a prediction. It was a challenge,” Alderson said. “It’s important for us to change the conversation. The 90 wins is about setting a challenge.”

“It’s time for us to get better. What you can measure you can improve. I can’t really measure competitiveness.”

When Sandy was told by one reporter about how most are skeptical about him expecting his team to win 90 games, the Mets GM responded, “You think that I was surprised by the skepticism?”

“The 90 wins are about a challenge. It’s about changing the conversation. It’s about framing questions for ourselves as to how we get there,” Alderson said.

“I stand by the notion that we need to get better. In doing so we need to set concrete goals for ourselves so that we have specific conversations for ourselves about how we get there.”

However when he was asked if he had the resources to add a player to help the team, he responded:

“If a player is available to us later in the year and presuming we have some success to that point in the season, then yes, absolutely.”

Sandy added that more fan support would lead to more payroll to be able to add more players.

Alderson also was displeased that his 90 win expectation was leaked from his own staff. “I am never thrilled when private conversations become public, which happens all too frequently with the Mets.”

90 to go

Reporters described him today as stern, fiery, and defensive.

Marc Carig of Newsday said afterward that “Ratcheting up expectations in NYC is a dangerous game when you don’t have the goods to reach them.”

He’s right. Let this thing go already and just play ball and see what we have in this team. Let’s just see what they are made of.

I love aiming high, but it’s game on now – play ball…

Anyway, this 90 wins thing is not going away, even if you think they have no chance in hell.

This is going to be talked about and raised almost daily until it either becomes a reality or an impossibility.

Either way, it sounds to me like Terry Collins’ job is on the line this season in my opinion… Despite beginning a brand new deal to manage the club.

(Photo taken today by MMO in front of Citi Field. Darren from The 7 Line)

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