Chris Young Wants To Play Center

Chris Young met with the Media on Monday and Adam Rubin of ESPN NY writes that CY is receptive to playing anywhere in the outfield, but his clear preference remains center field.

Chris  Young

“I understood the situation coming in, but I let the team know center field was where I’m most comfortable.” Young continued, “I made that obvious. And I understood that you have some guys out here right now that are very capable of playing center field as well, I mean, three or four guys. With that being understood, I’ll get my work in center field. But at the same time I need to get work in other positions.”

Rubin shared that Chris Young’s best chance of playing center field is if Terry Collins gets his wish and uses Eric Young Jr. as the lead-off hitter. If that combination is used, then Juan Lagares would be the odd man out.

“I think we can be one of the best in baseball in the outfield,” said CY. “You’re talking about guys with a lot of experience out there, a lot of speed, guys with good arms. Hopefully we can get on the good side of our pitchers, and hopefully they’ll love us out there.”

CY understands the Mets need for a pure lead-off hitter, “I’ve led off throughout my entire career.” He shared with the media, “My rookie year was the year that I probably led off the most. And then I hit 32 homers and 65 RBIs. From that point I bounced around. In Arizona I hit leadoff from time to time. In Oakland I hit leadoff a couple of times when Coco [Crisp] was out. I’m comfortable anywhere.”

The Mets have some decisions to make and the obvious choice, if looking at prior offensive stats, would be to start CY in center field, but with how well Lagares played the position in 2013, by leading all center fielders with 14 assists, it will come down to who has the best overall camp, or who TC prefers to start. Let the games begin.

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